The New Basics

Kidney March 2020

We are proud to announce that Kidney March 2020 will continue in a new format, appropriate to these times. This year, Kidney March will mean doing the most you can do in our fight against kidney disease and for organ donation, no matter where we are across the globe. Our team is bringing the Kidney March experience to you. We have creative plans to keep our community connected while continuing to train, fundraise, and support each other. We will march from across Canada and beyond as one united front.


Walk 100 kilometres. Raise $2,200 for the fight against kidney disease and for organ donation. Whether you are marching the 100 km or supporting as Crew, you will make the biggest difference you’ve ever made in your life. This year’s march allows you to participate no matter where you are! Participants will walk in their communities united by the common purpose to fulfill our Kidney March commitment and improve the lives of those affected by kidney Disease. 


We’ve never seen anything quite like this but Kidney March is more than an event, it is a movement to action. It is a community of people rallying in support of each other. It is an experience that will take you beyond your limits but reward you for pushing those limits in more ways than you ever thought possible. Kidney March may look a little different this year, but our commitment to our kidney community remains stronger than ever.

Part 1 • You will have from Aug 10th – Sept 10th to walk and complete 70 KM. 
Part 2 • On Kidney March weekend, Sept 11th – 13th you will walk and complete 10 KM per day, for a total of 30 KM.
You will then have reached your 100 KM goal by the final day of Kidney March. 

Crew will continue to fundraise and support our Marchers in this new format with creative and unique ways to spread Crew spirit! Crew teams are now full for 2020, but you can still register as a Marcher!


Each Marcher agrees to raise a minimum of $2,200. We hope you’ll raise much more – most people do. We’re here to support you. We’ll do one-on-one coaching and provide a variety of online tools to make the process as smooth as possible. The key to fundraising is to ask. Ask and ask and ask. The more you ask, the more you’ll raise. Visit the Fundraising Page for a Tool Kit, resources and more information. Ask us for help, Contact Us for more ideas and support.


Tracking Your Kilometres with STRAVA

This year, share your 100 km journey with us through the online tracking program STRAVA! Click here for our Guide to help you set up your STRAVA account and start recording your walk activities for Kidney March 2020.  By using STRAVA, you can virtually walk with the Kidney March community, connect with other Marchers, post your walks on social media and share your achievements with your supporters and donors!
Once you have a STRAVA account, or if you already do, join the ‘Kidney March Club‘!


Kidney March 2020 FAQ’s

The experience of a lifetime. Maybe the biggest challenge you’ve ever undertaken. We know there’s a whole heap of questions you must have, everyone does. Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked. And remember – our Kidney March Support Team is here for you every single step of the way. 


A. To hear from us: Our Kidney March team will be calling you and staying in touch via email to keep you updated on upcoming events, promotions, and more. Once you register, a participant registration package will be mailed, and in August you will receive your event package with all the goodies you will need for the Kidney March Weekend. Our virtual format will include a mileage tracking app, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and evening activities, like our famous Kidney-O-Kee! We will provide instructions for the app and an itinerary with all our weekend activities and online opportunities to connect with each other.


A. Absolutely. We have a dedicated group of expert volunteers to get you started on fundraising. You will have great online tools, support from our staff, and terrific, proven fundraising strategies to reach your goals. The average participant will meet or exceed their fundraising expectations quickly and easily.


A. There are several resources available on our website, and you can contact our team anytime for special requests.

  • View the Video Gallery  for videos from our experts on training, custom-shoe fitting, why we march and more.
  • Follow your 12-week Training Plan on or on p.22 in your Marcher Manual.
  • Refer to your Fundraising Toolkit on the Fundraising Page
  • Review your Crew or Marcher Manual. Although Kidney March looks different this year, this manual is still your go-to to learn all things Kidney March, including training and fundraising.
  • Follow @KidneyMarch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Join the Kidney March Training Walks Facebook Group to connect with the community. 
  • Contact the Kidney March team with any questions or support you need. Reach us at 403.255.6108 ext.34 •

My questions was not above – Click Here for our more detailed FAQ document.