Kidney March The Basics.

What is Crew?

Crew is a team of people, not unlike the team who brought us the Olympic Hockey Gold Medals in 2010. The Crew works together like a finely tuned machine, with respect for one another and a sense of dignity to make Kidney March happen.

What’s Crew really about?

Service. Being true to your word. Responsibility.
Positive solutions to interesting challenges.
Teamwork. Communication. Making promises.
Keeping promises. Excellence. Growth. Support. Possibility.

Q. Where could I fit in?

A. It depends on your skills, and what you’d like to do. Here’s what we need: medical professionals, including doctors, LPNs, EMTs, physical therapists, RNs, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and massage therapists. And lots of crew members who will help to give out water at pit stops and grab ‘n go’s, drive support and equipment vehicles, help set up and break down camp, mark out the route for the next day, distribute tents, and more. Everyone’s welcome. If you have the desire, we’ve got a job for you and we need you!

Q. Are there unlimited openings?

A. No. Crew will fill up fast, so register now while many Crew teams remain open. Crew teams are filled on a first-come, first-interviewed basis, so availability is limited.

Q. Does Crew have to raise $2,200 to participate?

A. No. Crew is asked to help raise funds in support of kidney disease and organ donation. A goal of $300 is suggested.

Q. Can Crew Join a team? Start a Team?

A. Absolutely. Both are a big yes. And teams can consist of both Marchers and Crew. Whichever way you register, you’ll receive your fabulous Kidney March t-shirt, your registration package and your own personal website page to set up to share your personal story of your Kidney March participation. You’ll also have an entire Support and Outreach Team at your fingertips to help you out with any questions, be it for fundraising, connecting with the incredible Kidney March Community or to come check out upcoming Kidney March events.

Q. How do I register to be on the Crew?

A. There are 3 ways you can register to be on the Crew: