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Make the Kidney March Connection.

Imagine your company locked in an embrace like this. Click here to see in detail your sponsorship opportunities.

More than ever, consumers are searching for meaning. Not only in the brands that they align with, but in the conduct of their lives. We offer people a chance to connect with the deepest part of themselves, and your company the chance to connect with those people.

Kidney March is no run-of-the-mill walk-a-thon. It’s a pilgrimage that lasts three days, and takes participants 100 kilometres on a journey from K-Country all the way to Calgary. For some people, it’s the most challenging thing they’ve ever done in their lives. They develop an impassioned loyalty to the brand that supports them in achieving it.




Let’s talk about the possibility of Kidney March putting your company in an embrace with consumers unlike anything you’ve ever felt or been involved in before.

Call us. We’d love to put your company on the frontier of heroism. Contact Laura Fleming at 1-403-255-6108 ext. 34 or