“Strategic Central” Kidney March hub for fun and food

dining tent cropped apl 7 2017

Remember that bustling little dining and entertainment tent that has been the hub of Kidney March activity every year? With the help of Strategic Group, that charming tent will be transformed into ‘Strategic Central’ in September 2017.

The Calgary-based company which owns, manages and develops office, retail and apartment properties across Canada, is the latest to step up to support Kidney March and the kidney community to make this transformation happen. Riaz Mamdani, the CEO of Strategic Group, has always placed a high degree of importance on community involvement.

“Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum,” Mr. Mamdani said in a recent interview. “Businesses are part of their community. We have a set of community values (Impact, Pride and Legacy) that are as important to us as our business values.”

Beyond what Mr. Mamdani describes as a social obligation to use our “intellect, muscle and capital to make the world a better place,” he insists on supporting good causes like Kidney March because “being visible in the community helps attract and motivate great people with similar values to work at the company – and that’s really what makes our business succeed.”

Mr. Mamdani is pleased that Kidney March has captured the imagination and passions of people within the organization; several people at Strategic Group have been personally affected by kidney disease and organ donation, including his own family.

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Time to register for Kidney March 2017



Fellow Kidney Marchers & Crew,
It’s time to sign up for Kidney March 2017!


The KIDney KIDs team got a head start when I was the first one to sign up in late September! Come on people … the KIDneyKIDS are already a powerhouse team – you don’t want us to get too far ahead of you.
If you register before Thursday, December 1, 2016, you will become a 2017 Kidney March Trailblazer. That means you will get super cool vest you can wear at Kidney March. You want that vest … you know you do!!
Register by clicking the red button at the top of this page.

Or call the Kidney March hotline at 1.866.9KMARCH
I look forward to seeing you at Kidney March 2017!
– Dr. Julian Midgley, Chief of Pediatric Nephrology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, past President of the Kidney Foundation of Canada national board, and a 7 time Kidney Marcher –

Kidney Marcher Manjinder Mann walks 100 K’s in the UK!

You may already be aware that 2015 Kidney Marcher Manny did this year’s Kidney Marchin Manchester, UK this past weekend while the 2016 Marchers and Crew made their way from K-Country to Calgary. Manny completed his SOLO 100 kilometres in TWO DAYS – 60 kilometres on Saturday, and 40 kilometres on Sunday. He was marching for his two-and-a-half year old son Harbin.

Check out his interview with Angela Knight on CBC Radio’s Calgary morning show the Eyeopener. Click play below.


Co-sponsors for Kidney March … go the extra mile


Joanne Drodge and Randy Haatvedt personify what Kidney March is all about. Both Kidney March veterans, Joanne and Randy could write the book about going the extra mile – literally and figuratively.

A retired IT Consultant, Randy donated his kidney to his friend Pat in 2012. A long-time client at Pat’s shoe shine business in downtown Calgary, Randy watched his friend of 20 years working hard every day, even though it was clear Pat was getting progressively worse. Randy did some internet research and without a word to Pat, called Pat’s doctor to see how he could help. Randy had hoped to do the transplant work-up anonymously so as not to get Pat’s hopes up if he wasn’t a match – but protocol would not allow that, and once he told Pat of his intentions, the two friends started “knocking over the obstacles one at a time.” “It was an amazing experience,” Randy says, “From the time I made that first call, I had a good feeling – we both did. In fact, if I had another kidney to give, I’d do it all again.”

Joanne Drodge’s story is similarly remarkable. She first learned about kidney disease when her nephew, Bryan, was born with it. Now 21, Bryan has had two transplants, and is on the list for a third in Halifax. Although Joanne is not a match for her nephew, she’s looking into the paired donor exchange program, and has begun kidney donor testing so that she can donate to someone else. “At my young age,” she says, tongue-in-cheek, “time is ticking, so I need to move now if I am going to do this.” Despite her nephew’s experience, Joanne had no idea until she walked in Kidney March 2015 that kidney disease was so prevalent and devastating. “Awareness is critical when it comes to kidney disease – people need to understand, it could easily be them,” she says. 

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100 ways, 100 days, 100 k’s



Kidney March is giving away 100 ways to groove in the next 100 days ’til we march 100 k’s in Kidney March

Yes, seriously. We are now in the 100 day countdown. To which I say “there is still time”. Still time to train. Still time to fundraise. And still time to encourage friends and family to sign up. But the time is now!

And yes, seriously. We have 100 give aways to celebrate this awesome milestone in the countdown to Kidney March. As part of Kidney March’s partnership with Universal Music Canada, as the lead charity for their Juno after party, you can win free downloads from the GetMusic store.

Entering is easy… just comment on our 100 ways, 100 days, 100k’s post on facebook, twitter or intsagram. The first 50 people to do so will win 2 pins each. Our Kidney March team will contact you after the contest has closed and provide you with your pins and directions. Downloads are encouraged on a desktop so both Apple and Android users can participate. Then you can take your favourite tunes with you wherever you train for your 100k’s.

No bonus points, but we’d love it if you shared this contest on your favourite social media network. Kidney March is great because of its community, and the community is built by you.

All the best,


Kidney March Specialist

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Southern Alberta Branch

6007 1A St SW Calgary AB T2H 0G5


403-255-6108 ext 34//1-866-9 KMARCH


Kidney March’s unique packing list

Whether you are a pack in advance or a late into the night before kind of person, here’s a list of items, unique to Kidney March, that you’ll want to remember to throw in your duffle bag. And a quick note about that duffle bag, you will be allowed one gear bag weighing up to 18 kg including the weight of your sleeping bag and sleeping pad or air mattress. Pads and air mattresses should be packed inside or securely fastened to your gear bag. Be sure to pack your clothing and sleeping bag in a plastic bag in case of rain. We recommend a large backpack or duffel bag, not a suitcase. And please attach your luggage tag (that you’ll receive at Day Zero) to the outside of your bag.

The Must Haves:

  • Kidney March T-Shirt

    Go ahead wear it to Opening Ceremonies. You’ll earn another one over the weekend to wear to Closing Ceremonies.

  • Kidney March Name Tag

    You’ll get this on Day Zero. Please wear it. We want to get to know you. Plus there is all kinds of important and helpful information inside your name tag booklet.

  • Running Shoes

    Preferably two pairs of worn-in shoes you have been alternately training in.

  • Water Bottle(s)

    Pack one for water and one for Gatorade to keep you fueled while on the road. There will be Kidney March water bottles available for purchase at the Day Zero Store and at the General Store at camp.

  • Socks

    Lots of moisture wicking socks!

Whatever the Weather:

  • Sunscreen

  • Rain poncho

  • Hat, cap and/or visor

  • Sunglasses

  • Mitts and toque for those chilly mornings

To Keep on Marching and Crewing:

  • Anti-blister aids

  • Petroleum jelly or Body Glide

Then there’s camp:

  • Washcloth, towels and toiletries

  • Sleeping bag

  • Flashlight and extra batteries

  • Roll or pad for tent floor

  • Pillow

  • Earplugs

And the fun stuff:

  • Camera

  • Greek wear

    Yes, you read that right. Get ready to say OPA at Kidney March’s Greek night. Pack your toga or Laurel Leaf Headband.

  • Costumes, cow bells, funny hats, and noise makers

    Anything really that you can think of to make marching and crewing a blast.


You are just three steps away from a free iPad Mini OR GoPro Hero 4 camera!

Step 1 – Register for Kidney March.

Step 2 – Recruit a first time friend or family member to March with you on this journey of a lifetime.

Step 3 – Encourage your new Marcher to fundraise.

Kidney March will thank you with an iPad Mini 2 OR GoPro Hero 4 camera when your new recruit raises his/her $2200 minimum.

(and now for the small print… new Marcher must confirm that you recruited them at the time of his/her registration and his/her funds must be received by The Kidney Foundation by July 31, 2015 for you to qualify for the iPad Mini 2 OR GoPro Hero 4 camera.)

April 28 - KM 2015 Recruitment Incentive

You are just two steps away from a free iPad Mini OR GoPro Hero 3 camera!

Step 1 – Register for Kidney March (as Marcher or Crew)

Step 2 – Recruit a friend or family member to join you on this journey of a lifetime

And voila… Kidney March will thank you with a free iPad Mini OR GoPro Hero 3 camera.

Here are the details… Recruit a first time Kidney Marcher for Kidney March 2015 and, when the new Kidney Marcher reaches their minimum fundraising amount of $2,200, the person who recruited them to join our family will receive their choice of an iPad Mini or GoPro Hero 3 camera. In order to qualify, the new Marcher must confirm that you recruited them at the time of their registration and funds raised totaling a minimum of $2,200 must be received by the Kidney Foundation by July 31, 2015.

April 21 - KM 2015 Recruitment Incentive

Whether you’re a 6th timer, taken a few years off, or just want more information about Kidney March….

…we want you to join us for Kidney March Expo.

Expo - we want you

Why come out to Kidney March Expo? For starters, it’s a jam packed couple of hours filled with inspiration – answering all the whys, whats and hows of Kidney March. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun. See Kidney March is more than a fundraiser or awareness event. It’s an experience. So, like all things Kidney March, this kickoff party will be exciting, encouraging and supportive. Let the wave of Kidney March, and all the people who make up this great kidney community, embrace you as you join in the planting of the boldest flag humanity has ever attempted in the fight against kidney disease. You can do this… and it all starts with Expo.

Breakdown of the day:

FYI (For Your Inspiration) Session: 11:00am – noon The FYI Session will provide information on what to expect leading up to and at the March itself. We’ll cover key strategies for training and maximizing your fundraising. Best of all, you’ll meet some of the most remarkable folks on the planet and hear why they are drawn to Kidney March.

Kidney March Expo: noon – 2:00pm The Expo portion will have booths and vendors from various Kidney March complimentary services and products to assist you in preparing for the March.

5 km Training Walk: 2:00pm The training walk, whether your first or 50th, is a great opportunity to mix, mingle and touch base with your fellow Kidney Marchers and Kidney Marchers-to-be. Plus it’s a fantastic chance to test out your running err… walking shoes.


Date: April 19, 2015 Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm Location: Delta Calgary South Bonavista Ballroom, 135 Southland Dr. SE, Calgary

RSVP and inquiries: laura.fleming@kidneyfoundation.ab.ca or 1.866.9 KMARCH

Hope to see you there!

Kidney March 2015 needs you! The Kidney Foundation’s National President tells you why.

We’re on a mission to stand up and make noise. We hope you will too.

Most people reading this have been touched by kidney disease in one way or another. If you’re like me, you’re endlessly frustrated by its nature. Debilitating. Incurable. Utterly relentless. To see people I know and love go through the daily reality of this disease is disheartening; but I have hope.

Kidney March began in 2010. We celebrate how far we’ve come in the field of research, we honour those we know and love who are affected by kidney disease and we put faith in a future where it’s no longer a silent killer that currently affects 3 million Canadians. And, most important of all, we do something about it. Something Big.

I’m asking you, to do the most you can possibly do to help plant the boldest flag humanity has ever attempted in the fight against kidney disease and the appeal for organ donation. I’m asking you to join us for Kidney March 2015.

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