10 Tips For Walking In The Rain

1 – Wear a hat with a brim. It will keep the rain off your face, so you can see, even in a downpour.

2 – Dress in layers if it’s cold. The most important layer is the one closest to your body. Make sure it’s a technical fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax, which wicks water and sweat away from your skin (no cotton). Stay dry, use an umbrella, poncho or raincoat.

3 – Be visible. Select outer layers that are very bright or light-colored and have reflective strips, since walking in the rain often means poor visibility.

4 – Prevent chafing. Chafing can happen during any long walk, but it can be much worse if you’re wet from the rain. Spread Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters – such as your feet, inner thighs, or underarms.

5 – Protect your electronics from getting wet. Store electronics, such as your cell phone and iPod, in a Ziplock bag or a waterproof carrier.

6 – DON’T WALK DURING THUNDER STORMS! Keep your walk indoors if there are thunderstorms in the area. Training is not worth the risk of getting struck by lightning. Walk in the mall or other large venue like a hockey rink.

7 – See it as an opportunity to build your mental strength. Sometimes we do get a “little” rain during Kidney March, knowing what gear works to keep you dry and warm is a bonus! You’ll be ready to handle any challenge that comes your way.

8 – Watch your step. The road or path can be slippery. The key is to take small steps and really pay attention to your footing. Try to avoid stepping in puddles as much as you can. Your running shoes and feet will get wet from the rain, but they’ll get absolutely soaked if you step in a big puddle.

9 – Check your shoe grip. If the bottoms are worn flat those shoes will be slippery in the rain. Your shoes should have grooves on their soles that are deeper than one millimeter. These channels allow water to run through them and also help to get a better grip on the road.

10 – Dry out your shoes after. When you get back from a wet walk, take off your running shoes and stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper. This helps the shoes keep their shape, and the paper draws moisture away from the shoes. Don’t put them in the dryer or in front of a heater – that can shrink them or warp them so they won’t fit you properly.


9 weeks until Kidney March: Here’s your training guide!


There are 9 weeks until Kidney March. And we thought this would be a great time for training tips and fundraising ideas!

As you know, the kilometres we walk and the funds we raise are nothing compared to the day-to-day battle of kidney disease. Knowing that inspires us all to go outside our comfort zone – whether that’s setting out to walk further than ever before … or going on social media to raise awareness and funds.

Kidney March is 57 sleeps away. This is the perfect time to ramp up your training and fundraising. We are here to support you along the way. People tell us they get stuck at some point on the Kidney March journey … whether they’ve just registered or have a fundraising hurdle to overcome.

So … we compiled a fundraising and training plan to help make the process fun and rewarding.

Need to know who, how or when to approach supporters for donations? Need a walking schedule to keep you on track? Wondering whether stretching really helps? Click here for the plan.

If you prefer to have company during your training, join your fellow Kidney March fans on our scheduled training walks which are listed in the 9 week plan as well as at www.kidneymarch.ca.

You don’t have to be a Marcher to do these training walks. These events are for everyone! Sure, we’d love for you to jump on board for the exhilarating trek through the foothills of the Rockies – it’s not too late to register. We’re just as happy to have you make a few friends and keep your kidneys running in tip-top shape.

How to be successful at fundraising

What do Richard, Linda, Jane, Jeff & Cassidy have in common when it comes to fundraising? All have been very successful in reaching their fundraising goals.

How did they do it? By going door to door. Now I know that it may seem very daunting, but trust me….this is different. This technique has been so successful year after year for them that they have reached their goals in a very short time.

So, what’s the secret? Well, they get dressed up in their Kidney March gear and arm themselves with a lot of donation forms and Kidney March brochures. Sometimes, they have prepared 50/50 tickets to offer as well. Then they go to their neighbours, share their personal stories and ASK! It’s that simple.

So, why not try it? Here are some pointers before you get going door to door.

1. Personalize your personal fundraising page. Ask our Kidney March team if you need help with it. Drive your friends, family and neighbours to your personal page. Especially if you are going door to door, people may want to give securely online.

2. Have a 50/50 raffle. We will get the license for you. It is another thing you can offer your neighbours when you go knocking on their door. Who doesn’t want a chance to win some money!

3. Ask us for marketing material such as posters, pamphlets, brochures, donation forms, registration forms and even signage for events you may have.

4. Practice what you will say in advance. The reason you are taking part in Kidney March is your best story. But also remember this is Canada’s longest, largest single awareness and fundraising event for kidney disease and organ donation. So ASK, ASK, ASK. Ask your friends and neighbours to help you reach your goal.

Here are some other fundraising ideas:

• Email everyone you know with your fundraising page link and ASK. What’s the worst thing people can say? NO? From experience, many will say YES.

• Use your social media outlets! Post, Tweet, Hashtag…

• Host a Bake sale.

• Hold a Kidney Clothes donation drive. Did you know that you can get credit for the clothes you donate to Kidney Clothes? Ask us how.

• Run a Raffle/Silent Auction (ask local businesses for prizes they can donate). Remember to contact us about tax receipting and the license.

• Bottle drives are excellent because not only can you ask for bottles you can also ask for donations when collecting the bottles. Win, Win.

• Host a fundraising BBQ with friends, co-workers, family…and charge a fee. People will be happy to pay it to help the cause.

• Check with your employer to see if they match employee fundraising.

• Think outside the box. There are countless ideas on how to fundraise out there!


Half price walking stride analysis for Marchers, Crew and Volunteers

A big shout out to our partner, Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy.

Nose Creek is offering Marchers, Crew and Volunteers a 50% discount on a walking stride analysis until May 31st, 2016. While this will definitely be awesome in the lead up to Kidney March, the tools you’ll learn from this assessment could help you walk well for the rest of your active years (which we hope last a lifetime!).


Stretching – the Kidney March equivalent of breathing

Stretching is essential to enjoying Kidney March, and it also happens to be essential for overall health. When we stretch (before, after and during walking) we help our body find its length and strength. That’s why you’ll hear us talking to you more about stretching than we talk about walking.

Thanks to Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy for these fabulous tips.


Earning a FREE fitbit is as easy as 1, 2, 3

In honour of 7 years and 700 kilometres of Kidney March, and just in time for training walks, we’re delighted to announce that you can earn a FREE fitbit just by helping The Kidney Foundation of Canada. How? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Register as Marcher or Crew. Already registered, way to go, you are one step ahead.

2. Speak with your family and friends, host a get together, contact your employer about a donation or donation matching, get creative or use email and Facebook… whatever works, just start sharing that you have made this amazing commitment to ending kidney disease and ask for donations in support.

3. Be one of the first 50 people to raise an additional $700 to your existing fundraising total between April 18 and May 28, 2016 and, BAM, the fitbit is yours.


And now for the small print… This incentive is open to both Marchers and Crew, however, only the first 50 people to reach the incremental $700 qualify. One fitbit per person.


Eight weeks until Kidney March! Time to kick into high gear.

There’s motivation in our Kidney March mission. Knowing that the kilometres we walk and the funds we raise are nothing compared to the day-to-day battle of kidney disease. And while motivation can inspire us to do the most we can, we still have to be prepared.

Now is the time to countdown to Kidney March. 8 weeks or 56 sleeps! It is time to really ramp up, from registering to training and fundraising to meeting and exceeding your goals. Please remember the Kidney March Team is here to support you on this journey.

Many folks find themselves kind of stuck at some point in time… whether they’ve just registered or have a fundraising hurdle, so to help the team has compiled the 8 week fundraising and training plan. Need to know who, how or when to approach your soon to be supporters for donations? No problem — Page 2. Need a walking schedule to keep you in line and on track? Perfect — Page 4. Wondering whether stretching really helps? Easy — Page 5. Click here for the plan.

Don’t like walking on your own? Or want to add some variety to your training schedule? Join us and your fellow Kidney March fans on our scheduled training walks. Training walks are listed in the 8 week plan, as well as on our homepage. And, just so you know, you do not have to be a Marcher to do these training walks. They are come one, come all events. Sure, we’d love for you to jump on board for a heroic trek through the foothills of the Rockies with hundreds of like-minded Marchers (side note: register here). But we’re just as happy to have you make a few friends and keep your kidneys running in tip-top shape.

Share your ideas, what are you doing to fundraise for Kidney March 2015?

Kidney Clothes shares how you can use spring cleaning to fundraise! Collect gently used clothes from friends, family and neighbours. For every pound of clothing collected $0.20 goes to your Kidney March 2015 fundraising and $0.30 goes to the Kidney Foundation. Here’s some information to get you started or you can call 1.800.387.4474 ext. 4947 or email corporate@kidneyclothes.ca

Clothing Drive Presentation April 2015

June 10 - Kidney Clothes


Below you’ll find a suggested list of what to bring with you for your weekend blazing the trail in the fight against kidney disease and the appeal for organ donation. If you have any questions while you’re digging into the list, feel free to give the Team a shout at any time.

A NOTE ABOUT YOUR LUGGAGE:You will be allowed one gear bag weighing up to 18 kg, including the weight of your sleeping bag and any pad or air mattress you wish to bring for sleeping. Pads and air mattresses should be packed inside or securely fastened to your gear bag. Pack lightly and efficiently. We recommend a large backpack or duffel bag, not a suitcase. Be sure to pack your clothing and sleeping bag in plastic in case of rain. Remember, you’ll be carrying this from your tent to the gear trucks. Please be certain your belongings are carefully labeled with your name and phone number.


o Running Shoes.* Preferably two pairs of worn-in shoes you have been alternately training in.

o Water bottle*

o Sunscreen*

o Waist pack, or light backpack

o Wrist Watch

o Special prescription medications

o Anti-blister aids

o Petroleum jelly or Body Glide


o Kidney March T-Shirt*

o Kidney March Name Tag*

o Socks*

o Rain poncho

o Wind-breaker jacket

o Shorts

o Long pants

o Shirts

o Sweaters

o Underwear

o Sleepwear

o Hat/Cap/Visor

o Sweatband

Gear at Camp

o Towels*

o Sleeping bag*

o Flashlight and extra batteries*

o Roll or pad for tent floor

o Pillow

Miscellaneous Items

o Disposable plastic bags

o Small plastic bags for toiletries

o Washcloths

o Toothpaste & toothbrush

o Moisturizer

o Nail clippers

o Shampoo

o Soap

o Razor

o Small mirror

o Deodorant

o Hair ties

o Sunglasses

o Earplugs

o Camera

o Spare Roll of Toilet Tissue

o Writing Journal

o Pens

o Identification

o Credit cards

o Money

o Alarm Clock battery operated

o Cellular Phone (not for use while walking)

Quick note: Items indicated with an (*) are required.


Become a Hero In Training

There’s eight weeks until Kidney March! It’s time to kick our training into high gear.

Kidney March certainly isn’t a cake walk. But there’s motivation in our mission. Kidney disease can’t be stopped. People are waiting for transplants. The 100 kilometres and $2,200 we raise is nothing compared to the day-to-day battle of kidney disease.

However, when it comes to training, the brain can play tricks on us. It takes a lot of mental strength to go from the first lonely training walk of the winter months to game time shape! But fear not. We, along with the rest of your fellow Kidney March fans, are here to support you with our scheduled training walks.

And, just so you know, you do not have to be a marcher to do these training walks. These are come one, come all events. Sure, we’d love for you to jump on board for a heroic trek through the foothills of the rockies with hundreds of like minded marchers (side note: register here). But we’re just as happy to have you make a few friends and keep your kidneys running in tip-top shape. You can check out all of our upcoming walks and FYI (For Your Inspiration!!) sessions here.

A Kidney March Training Success Story

Laurel Ryan works with children suffering from kidney disease.

Laurel RyanAs a member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Nephrology Program, she sees the effects of this disease every single day. Last year, she wanted to do something big to fight the disease. Something that would challenge her. The Kidney March fit the bill, and she took a leap.

What she found was a “spa for the soul”.

It started with training. The YMCA led walks were a perfect way to meet other marchers and keep her eyes on the finish line. Her leg muscles got stronger and grew accustomed to walking long distances. Her feet toughened up. All that movement and calorie burning helped her get down to her “marching weight”.

Laurel Ryan

Marching on behalf of the children every day was inspiring. 100 kilometres was an accomplishment, and she’s developed lifelong friends and a workout habit that’s been life changing. She’s become a 2nd year marcher, and considers it a privilege.

Interested in attending your own
“spa for the soul”?

Registration is open, and our support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Register today! We’ll help you get started.

Not from the Calgary area? Call our support team at 1-866-9KMARCH and we’ll help you plan your personal training program and connect you with other marchers in your area. We have marchers registered from coast to coast.