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Looking for a way to inspire others while you embark on your Kidney March journey? Well, nothing spreads the word faster than social media and our Kidney March team has created some awesome Facebook cover photos to help spread the KM word. Your remarkable commitment deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. So feel free to upload these Facebook cover photos as a way to broadcast your involvement in Kidney March and to also share with your facebook family!

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Kidney March 2012 Ceremony and Cheering Station Details

With Kidney March just around the bend, it’s time to talk specifics. Important specifics. Such as, where to show these remarkable folks some love along the 100K route, loud and proud. We’ve got to tell you, friends of Kidney March, there is nothing quite like seeing some familiar faces a long the way while you are out blazing the kidney trail for days. A pick me up like that is one of the very, very best feelings in the world.

For safety reasons, we cannot allow impromptu stops along the route. So, to keep our Marchers safe and sound, we have set up and designated a few stops throughout the route to accommodate supporters coming out to cheer them on. Below, you’ll find many o’ opportunity to join us, whether it’s for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, on route cheering stops or all of the above (er, below).

1) September 7th @ 6:50am – Opening Ceremonies at Millarville Racetrack

2) September 8th @ 7:30am – Hwy 66 and Powderface Trail Head (Day 2 Starting point)

3) September 8th @ 9:45am – Hwy 66 and Allen Bill Pond picnic Area

4) September 8th @ 1:00pm – Bragg Creek Strip mall by Shell Station

5) September 9th @ 10:00am – Springbank Park School

6) September 9th @ 2:45 pm at Canada Olympic Park Festival Tent – (Closing Ceremonies) to begin approximately 3 pm. Free Parking at COP.

We hope you’ll join us as we bask in the awesomeness that is Kidney March weekend. Homemade signs optional (but always a huge hit).


If Marchers are the heart of the Kidney March, then the Crew is the soul. There’s no two ways about it, our Crew members make the March….march. Walking one hundred kilometres is an epic adventure, and our hard-working, fun-loving Crew supports the Marchers every single step of the way. Think you have what it takes to join the ranks? Here are a few things you need to know:

1.  You’re an ambassador of kidney village. For 3 remarkable days, we all are citizens of a community focused on 2 things: fighting kidney disease…and taking care of our feet. From the start to finish, our Crew is busy making sure the Marchers are getting the R&R they need after a long day on the road. Need help with that tent? Crew is on it. Need directions to the massage tent? No problemo — That’s Crew-covered. Along with everything else, naturally.

2.  You’re the chairmen (and women) of cheer. Whether the Marchers are mid-route in the stunning Kananaskis Country or nearing the home stretch towards the end of a 33 kilometre day, cheering is a gift and obligation for our entire Crew. A good cheering squad has been scientifically proven to actually make blisters be-gone and cramps vanish into thin air. It’s that powerful. Click here to read more.

Sure fire ways to keep your Kidney Marching Tootsies in Tip Top Shape

Hey Marchers!

We are gearing up for the 3rd Annual March and want to ensure we share along the need to knows for foot care your way to aid in your prep for the March. We’ve compiled some tips courtesy of Ward Stene, our On Route Medical Team Lead to share with you to put to the training test.

Today’s Lesson:

Friction = Heat (Hot spots). Hot Spots = Blisters. Blisters = Huge Bummer & Possible Medical Treatment

How to stay as far away from On Route Medical Treatment?

1. Train, train and train some more. You are going to be logging mega kilometers and mega awareness all weekend long with 30+ kilometers walked each day. The more pre-March kilometers you do, the better. See the Kidney March Training and Fundraising guide below for more info….

2. Toenails – Short and trim to avoid friction on the next door neighbor toes.

3. Got a hot spot? Apply moleskin before it becomes unruly.

4. Socks. Wear them. There’s mixed reviews on what works for whom. Some say 2 pairs to reduce the opportunity for the friction of shoe vs. toe instead of sock vs. sock. Inside Sock – Synthetic (nylon or rayon). Outside Sock –Cotton. Some say just 1 pair at a time is the best. Point is, train and find what works for you. Pre-March.

5. Many of our past Marchers have found putting Vaseline or equivalent all over their feet before applying socks helps reduce the friction between your feet and your sock, reducing the possibility of blisters.

6. Bring 2 Pairs of comfortable, broken in shoes. Try on your shoes with whichever sock combo you’ve decided to go with. Keep in mind, you will see some swelling in those toes after Marching the Kidney Trail so when shopping for your footwear, err on the side of big enough (aka, toes not rubbing against the toe).

See you on the route!

Become a Hero In Training



May 3, 2012


Become a Hero In Training


They say “April showers bring May flowers”. But around the excited halls of the Kidney Foundation, we say “April showers bring May…wait, it’s May? That’s 4 months until Kidney March! We need to start training!”

Kidney March certainly isn’t a cake walk. But there’s motivation in our mission. Kidney disease can’t be stopped. People are waiting for transplants. The 100 kilometres and $2,200 we raise is nothing compared to the day-to-day battle of kidney disease.

However, when it comes to training, the brain can play tricks on us. It takes a lot of mental strength to go from the first lonely training walk of the winter months to game time (fighting) shape! But fear not. We, along with the rest of your fellow Kidney March fans, are here to support you with our scheduled training walks. Click here to read more.

Thanks to all of you (yes, you!) for making the Expo a HUGE success!!

We’re just days post Expo and still basking in all it’s glory. We saw a fantastic turnout (including many new faces), heard inspirational stories and enjoyed gorgeous weather to commemorate the first official training walk of the 2012 Kidney March season. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, wait. Turns out it does.

Very Proud Sponsor and Partner since the Kidney March inception in 2010, the Calgary YMCA is the go to for all your training needs and they have just sweetened the Kidney March Marcher experience even more with FREE 3 month YMCA training passes for all registered 2012 Kidney Marcher’s (valid in Calgary only). How perfect for those not so springlike days!

If you haven’t received your pass yet, give the KM Support & Outreach Team a shout – or 1.866.9KMARCH and we’ll get those in your hands.

Some tidbits on the incredible K-Country

Located a mere hour’s drive west of Calgary, Kananaskis is known as K-Country to most Albertans. Spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies, free roaming wildlife and wide open surround you.

Exciting outdoor adventures are calling your name including hiking, horseback riding and white water rafting to name but a few. Take in the quaint towns Click here to read more.

2011 Kidney March Recap

We’re launching a new site! In celebration of such an occasion, we’re going to look back on 2011. For those who took part, enjoy. For those thinking about marching in 2012…click above to register! Click here to read more.