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A crisis is looming

3.5 Million Canadians have chronic kidney disease or are at risk. Most people don’t know that they are at risk. Most don’t know they have it until it’s too late. The numbers are growing at an alarming rate. In southern Alberta alone, the number of people living with chronic kidney failure has doubled in the last ten years. 72% of people who are on the organ donor waiting list are waiting for a kidney.

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there is no cure

There is no cure.

Kidney disease is irreversible, and each year it kills thousands of Canadians. These numbers are growing. Kidney disease cases are expected to double in the next ten years. Unless we as concerned citizens stand up and take action, this silent disease will continue to take lives and livelihoods.

Not only does kidney disease cost enormous amounts of money for our health care system, it devastates individuals and their families. More than half of the people living with kidney disease in southern Alberta live on or below the poverty line. Entire families are impacted when one member has kidney disease, and it’s a lifelong illness.

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