Kidney March EXPO

Learn everything you need to know at EXPO! 

EXPO is our annual spring kick-off event for Kidney March. This information session will equip and inspire you to join Kidney March and complete the life-changing, 3 Day, 100-kilometre journey this September. At Kidney March EXPO, you learn all there is to know about Kidney March. Hear from past participants, learn about the cause and how Kidney Marchers help to improve the lives of so many in our kidney and transplant community. At EXPO, viewers had the opportunity to ask questions and chat with the whole Kidney March team.

This Year’s EXPO was online, watch the recording below

2022 Kidney March EXPO 

Recorded on Sunday, April 10, 2022, at 11:00 am (MT)

For a past EXPO examples and other videos about Kidney March, visit our YouTube Channel Kidney March