Why We March

A crisis is looming

4 Million Canadians have chronic kidney disease or are at risk. Most people don’t even know, and won’t until it’s too late. In Southern Alberta alone, the number of people with kidney failure has doubled in the last decade. 73% of people on the organ donor wait list are waiting for a kidney. There is no cure for end-stage kidney disease. That’s why we invite you to join us at Kidney March.

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there is no cure

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There is no cure

Kidney failure is irreversible, and each year it kills thousands of Canadians. Kidney disease cases are predicted to double in the next ten years. Unless we stand up and take action, this silent disease will continue to take lives and livelihoods.

Kidney disease costs millions for our health care system, and it devastates individuals and their families. More than half of the people living with kidney disease in Southern Alberta live on or below the poverty line. Entire families are impacted and it’s a lifelong illness.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to achieving excellent kidney health, optimal quality of life, and a cure for kidney disease. The Kidney Foundation stands behind those affected by kidney disease. By championing systemic changes and increasing public awareness of kidney health and organ donation, we are alleviating the burden of kidney disease.

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Kidney March is a commitment, and we understand you likely have some questions. Everyone does. Contact US and we’ll invite you to our next info session or answer any question you have!


Kidney March Helps Fund Valuable Research

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