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We are incredibly proud of our Kidney March Family. Without them, we could not have gotten the Kidney March Experience message far. Every conversation, every tweet, every facebook status, every newspaper feature and every shout out has helped spread the word and for that, we are beyond grateful. We welcome you with open arms to be as Kidney March connected as possible. There is an amazing community with a strong voice out there and you can find it all here.

Want to get to know a few of your fellow Marchers? Visit our 'Marcher Stories' page under 'The Cause' to read more!

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Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season

At this time of the year we are especially grateful for you, our kidney community. Your generosity, strength of spirit, and commitment to the cause is a gift that continues to improve the lives of everyone living with kidney disease. Our heartfelt wishes to all of you and your families, may you have a joyous holiday season.

From everyone in our small but mighty team, thank you.
We are truly grateful to have you as a part of our family. 

Please Note: Our office will be closed from December 23 to January 4, 2022. 
Please contact us with any questions or for support.

You’re Invited! 2021 Kidney March Celebration and Alumni Reunion

Saturday, October 23, at 7:00 pm MT
Where: Online at
– It will premiere live right here on our homepage. 

It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments and everyone who has made Kidney March what it is today. Join us Saturday, October 23, at 7:00 pm MT for the Kidney March Celebration & Alumni Reunion!

We have a lot to be proud of and much to celebrate! Everyone is invited, all past and present Marchers and Crew, volunteers, donors, sponsors, friends and families, you are our Kidney March family and the kidney community!
Watch special messages from your fellow Kidney Marchers, see who won the top fundraising awards, be the first to see our 2021 video, plus we will reveal the 2022 Trailblazer item!

What is a Trailblazer?
Trailblazers are bold and committed. They take the first steps in the fight against kidney disease and for organ donation by registering before Dec 1, 2021 and pledging to raise $2200 for Kidney March 2022.  All Trailblazers will receive a special gift in recognition of their commitment, a high-end clothing item, and you wont want to miss it this year!
Register at:

Congratulations & THANK YOU

Kidney March 2021!

You continued to fight united against kidney disease and for organ donation, no matter what 2021 brought our way. Your determination and commitment to making a difference in the lives of kidney patients and their families was heroic. It is because of you that Kidney March 2021 exceeded every expectation we had. Thank you!

Together we put kidney disease and organ donation on the virtual map! Nothing stopped you, not even the second year of a worldwide pandemic, you marched no matter what. Doing the most you could do from all across Canada. You blew up social feeds and shared your journey with so many around the world. Your unwavering dedication resulted in Kidney March 2021 raising $826,500 to fund lifesaving research, improve patient outcomes, support patient programs and organ donation initiatives – and the donations are still coming in! Bringing our total to over $10 million to date. Share your Kidney March achievement loud and proud, you’ve made Kidney March history!

The relationships we have formed be they virtual or in person, go far beyond the Kidney March weekend. We welcomed 95 new heroes to the Kidney March family this year, and we will continue to celebrate our community of support all year long. Stay connected on our social pages, @KidneyMarch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join the Kidney March Training Walks Group, Kidney March Crew Group and Strava Club.

Save the date for the Kidney March Alumni Reunion on Saturday, October 23. We will unveil the Kidney March 2021 video and celebrate everyone who made this year outstanding – Marchers, Crew, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and loved ones.

Register for Kidney March 2022 before December 1, 2021, to be a Trailblazer! As a Trailblazer, you pave the way for the year to come and you will receive an exclusive Trailblazer item.

It is our hope and in our plans that Kidney March 2022 will be hosted in person. No matter what happens, we are excited to make Kidney March 2022 another life-changing experience. Click here to register for Kidney March 2022 today!

From the Kidney March team and all those living courageously with kidney disease, thank you for being a hero in the face of adversity. Together we are changing lives, and we could not do it without you.


Joyce Van Deurzen, Executive Director
The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan Branch


Thank You and Congratulations Mattamy Homes

Sponsor Mattamy Homes Receives National Special Appreciation Award!

Kidney March would like to congratulate and celebrate our Lead Sponsor, Mattamy Homes’ Calgary Division, for receiving this year’s National Special Appreciation Award from The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Mattamy Homes was presented with this award to thank and recognize their significant impact and contributions to The Kidney Foundation through Kidney March over the years. When 2020 forced Kidney March to pivot to virtual, Mattamy Homes continued their commitment to the cause. An event of this magnitude cannot succeed without the support of community partners like Mattamy Homes. Their commitment as a sponsor has helped Kidney March exceed its goals, creating more vital funding to meet the increased needs of patients and programs.

“Winning this award is truly humbling. We are so proud to be involved and we look forward to being involved for many years to come.” – Colette Showers

Laura Fleming, Colette Showers(Executive Assistant), Don Barrineau (President)

Laura Fleming, Colette Showers(Executive Assistant), Don Barrineau (President)

Kidney March welcomed Mattamy Homes into the Kidney March family in 2017, and they have stayed on board ever since. In those five years of sponsorship, Mattamy’s Calgary Division has donated over $33,500 towards Kidney March and played an active role. Mattamy’s employees have not only volunteered for Kidney March, but many have personally completed the 100KM challenge. When Mattamy Homes was looking for a new charitable opportunity to get involved in, they had no idea how many of their staff were directly affected or connected to kidney disease or organ donation.

At the core of Mattamy’s culture is their focus on community. “It starts at the top and spreads throughout the company. We want to focus our support on projects with big impact – projects where we can actually see the difference we are making, and that our people can get involved in.” – Don Barrineau, President of Mattamy Homes’ Calgary Division.

Mattamy Homes has been our camp spa and finish line sponsor for the last 5 years.
Keep an eye out for some fun to come from them in 2021! 

• See Mattamy’s ‘how to’ guide for your home Kidney March camps:
 Tips for setting up your at-home Kidney March Camp & Spa!

• Mattamy has also sponsored many of the pathways we use to train on in our communities. In Calgary, you will find the Rotary Mattamy Greenway, a 145-KM pathway system that circles the entire city. Check it out and plan a route at: 

A special thank you to Kidney March Crew member Trevor Ferguson for introducing Mattamy Homes to Kidney March! 
Did you know many of our sponsors have been introduced to Kidney March by Marchers and Crew?
 View our 2021 Sponsor Guide to learn more and contact us to discuss sponsorship ideas and opportunities. 

Learn about the impacts made by your fundraising at

Meet some of our ‘Moms on the March’

Why these moms are walking 100 kilometres for their kids

Kidney March is not your average walkathon. It is the largest walk of its kind in the world fighting against kidney disease and for organ donation. Danielle Sinclair, Laura McKenzie, and Kim Ball are three of the many moms who take part every year. For them, kidney disease is a lifelong battle they never imagined they would have to face.

There is no age limit to kidney disease and kids with kidney disease experience unique challenges that impact the whole family.  Danielle Sinclair is marching for her 10-year-old daughter, Teagan. Teagan has a rare kidney disease called Cystinuria that almost went undetected. She was diagnosed at five years old and has had six surgeries to remove large cystine kidney stones. Due to her disease, Teagan lost her right kidney. Danielle’s hope is that Teagan will not need a transplant in her lifetime. 

“If my daughter and all the other people on dialysis and with kidney transplants can go through these challenges, I can challenge myself to complete 100 kilometres,” said Sinclair. By raising funds for research and walking the 100 kilometres, Sinclair said she’s able to take an active role in creating change and finding a cure. She hopes that her participation also inspires people to become organ donors.

This past year has been especially hard for first-time Marcher, Laura McKenzie who is facing the new diagnosis of her four-month-old daughter. Laura had to go through a lot of this alone. Due to COVID19 protocols, only one parent was allowed at appointments. “You try to stay strong but … there is only so much a mother can do on her own without breaking down.” Until Laura decided to do Kidney March and share her story, she hadn’t told family and friends. “No one can really do anything for you… but with Kidney March, they now have a way to help and a way to support us.”

“There is just so much love and support in the community and it’s comforting to know that I am not alone,” McKenzie said.

One of the greatest things about Kidney March is it reinforces the support of the community for patients, families, and healthcare professionals. Everyone can rally around the same cause, support each others journey, and connect from their shared experience.

 “Being part of the Kidney March family really gives me a sense of belonging,” explains Kim Ball, Calgary urologist and mother of three. Kim’s two-year-old son Liam’s kidneys have failed, he is on dialysis every night and needs a transplant. “As a mom, we want the best outcomes for our kids, we don’t want to see them suffer. So having this opportunity to hopefully better his future means a lot.” Liam’s father is just starting the process of testing through the donor program as he is the best potential match for Liam.  They are hoping Liam will be big enough soon so he can receive a living kidney donation by the end of this year.

Dr. Julian Midgley, former chief of pediatric nephrology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, participates alongside many health-care workers in the unit to show support for their patients and raise awareness in the community.

“We get to know these patients very well and this is another point of contact and support for them,” he said. “I’m very proud how the Kidney March has become a bigger and bigger event every year.”

“Every year, we fund incredible research projects, that improve the treatments of kidney disease and bring us that much closer to a cure,” explains Joyce Van Deurzen, Executive Director at The Kidney Foundation of Canada Southern Alberta Branch. “There have been many advances made by our researchers, and Kidney March is a big part of that.”

1 in 10 Canadians has kidney disease. There are also very few warning signs. Up to 80% of kidney function can be lost without any noticeable symptoms.  Genetics can cause chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, especially in children and adolescents. Some of these diseases can be rare or even ultra-rare, and a lot is still unknown about them. These moms are marching so that more research can be done to find answers to those unknowns. Not only for their own little ones, but for future families.

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