If you’re like most people, you may be intimidated by having to raise $2,200. But if you’re like most, by the time Kidney March is over you will have raised more than $2,200. And you will have the feeling of making a difference unlike you’ve ever had before.

People Want to Invest In You. Remember you’re walking 100 km and training for months or crewing for multiple days. This is no Saturday morning stroll in the park. By doing this March you are a Hero, and it’s not every day that people hear of a hero, let alone invest in one. People also like investing in a great cause, it makes them feel good about the world and themselves.

Successful fundraising is intentional and well executed. Set a goal, develop a plan, follow through and never give up.

Download donation form here.

Plan a fundraising event or fundraise from home. Download these Online Fundraising Tips for ideas.

Watch Marcher Feisal share how he exceeded his fundraising goals in 2020, by doing our number one suggestion, ASKING.


The Kidney March team is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us with any questions you have.

Consider building or joining a Team. Taking part as a team has many benefits. From training and fundraising to the weekend itself, it is meant to be shared! Training and fundraising also become easier and more fun when done with friends! Teams can also share their overall fundraising to help each other reach their individual goals.

Step one – Set up your Personal Fundraising Page in the Marcher Centre.  Need help? View the Marcher Centre Guide or visit the Participant Centre Online Help page.

Once registered access your Marcher or Crew manuals on the Manuals & Updates Page. Your Manual will be full of information on fundraising strategies and logistics.

Who do I ask? Your family, friends, coworkers, business/social/religious/sports groups, dentist, doctor, accountant, insurance agent, mortgage broker, landlord. Be sure to include your employer – ask them if they have a matching gift program.

Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” So take lots of shots. Approach lots of people. Keep pledge forms with you everywhere.

Think big. Ask big. Let people decide for themselves what they can give. Don’t limit their choices in advance.

Send out a hand written letter or email to everyone. Make it personal and tell your story. Don’t count people out before you give them a chance. You might be surprised by who is compelled to support you.

Schedule a Fundraiser – A fundraising event can be anything you make it. Many Marchers have raised their full amount by holding fundraising events, selling crafts, bottle drives, car washes, pub nights, garage sales, bake sales, silent auctions and selling 50/50 or raffles tickets. We will get any Alberta gaming licenses you’ll need for you. Contact us for more ideas to help you succeed.

Share regular updates about your training on your social networks – Always include the URL to your personal fundraising page with a brief update. #KidneyMarch

Ask us for marketing materials or download them from our Tool Kit! – we are happy to supply you with posters, pamphlets, brochures, donation forms, registration forms, and signs!