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We are incredibly proud of our Kidney March Family. Without them, we could not have gotten the Kidney March Experience message far. Every conversation, every tweet, every facebook status, every newspaper feature and every shout out has helped spread the word and for that, we are beyond grateful. We welcome you with open arms to be as Kidney March connected as possible. There is an amazing community with a strong voice out there and you can find it all here.

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Congratulations and THANK YOU!

Kidney March 2020 Family!

You continued the fight against kidney disease and for organ donation no matter what 2020 brought our way. Your determination and commitment to make a difference in the lives of kidney patients and their families is heroic. It is because of you that Kidney March 2020 has exceeded every expectation we had. Thank you!

Together we put kidney disease and organ donation on the map in the biggest way possible. Nothing stopped us, not even a pandemic, from fulfilling our commitment to improve the lives of those living courageously with kidney disease. Your unwavering dedication resulted in Kidney March 2020 raising $1,002,065 to fund lifesaving research, improve patient outcomes, support patient programs and organ donation initiatives – and the donations are still coming in! Share your Kidney March achievement loud and proud. This is the second highest amount ever raised in Kidney March history!

The impact you have made and the relationships we have formed go far beyond the Kidney March weekend. We welcomed 205 new heroes to the Kidney March family this year, and we will continue to celebrate our community of support all year long. Stay connected to your Kidney March family on our social pages, @KidneyMarch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join the Kidney March Training Walks Group, Kidney March Crew Group and Strava Club.

Save the date for the Kidney March Alumni Reunion on Saturday, October 24. We will unveil the Kidney March 2020 video and celebrate everyone who made this year outstanding – Marchers, Crew, volunteers, donors, sponsors and loved ones.

Register for Kidney March 2021 before December 1, 2020, to be a Trailblazer! As a Trailblazer, you pave the way for Kidney March 2021 and receive an exclusive Trailblazer item.

Whatever 2021 brings, we are excited to make Kidney March another amazing experience. Click here to register for Kidney March 2021 today!

From the Kidney March team and all those living with kidney disease, thank you for being a hero in the face of adversity. Together we are changing lives, and we could not do it without you.


Joyce Van Deurzen, Executive Director
The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan Branch


Day Three Our Final Day of Kidney March 2020

We are on Day Three, the finish line is near, and it’s almost time to celebrate the incredible achievement that is Kidney March!

Watch this morning’s send off from Joyce Van Deurzen below:

• Open the “Day Three” box in your package! Discover your Kidney March finishing shirt, your badge of honour for the courageous decision you made to be a part of Kidney March 2020. Wear it with pride as you cross your finish line (and share your pictures and videos with us!).

• At 5:00 pm (MT) today, visit or our Facebook Page to watch our Closing Ceremony, the grand finale to our legendary weekend! Invite your family and friends to tune in as we showcase the dedication of all those involved in Kidney March 2020.

Please continue to share your journey with us by uploading pictures and videos to our form on the “Marcher Centre” login page. Tag us on all your social media posts @kidneyMarch and #KidneyMarch.

Day Two It’s Trivia Night!

Welcome to Day Two see out morning message here!

From 4:00 – 5:00 pm (MT) today, join us on Zoom for Trivia & Kidney-O-Kee night. It’s all in good fun. We’re going to have some laughs and a good time! Participants check your email for the details!

At 9:00 am (MT) tomorrow, visit to watch your final morning message from Joyce that will leave you inspired to cross the finish line!

Continue to share your journey with us by uploading pictures and videos to our form on under the “Marcher Centre” login page or by emailing them directly to

It’s Day ONE!

Thank you for joining us for our Opening Ceremony, If you missed it, watch it here below:

Day One Reminders

• At 4 pm (MT) today visit the home page  or  the Video Gallery to watch our Special end-of-day message from Laura.

• Sticking to Kidney March tradition, tonight is onesie night! Get cozy, and let’s see your onesies.

• Make your Kidney March Camp! Tent in your backyard, build a fort in your living room, set the camping mood and have fun with it. Click here for Mattmay Homes’ at home camp inspiration.

• At 9:00 am (MT) tomorrow, listen on to the morning kick-off message to send you on your way for Day 2!

Please continue to share your journey with us by uploading pictures and videos to our form on “Marcher Centre” login page. Also don’t forget to tag us @kidneyMarch #KidneyMarch on all your social posts!

Happy Onesie Night From team, KC & The Polycystas!



Kicking things off tomorrow – Day Zero!

Kidney March is officially upon us, and we are buzzing with excitement! Tomorrow is Day Zero, the day to prepare for your weekend ahead.

What to do on Day Zero?

• Watch the Day Zero video at 6 pm (MT) on our Home page KidneyMarch.caHear from Joyce Van Deurzen as she reminisces on what Kidney March is all about and learn how to get the best experience out of your adventure. Listen to Dr. Nairne Scott-Douglas, Kidney March’s Medical Lead, give his pro advice on staying safe and healthy over the weekend.

• Refer to the “Weekend Agenda” included in your package to follow the weekend activities and watch the videos on

• Pack for your weekend of walking! AESO, a team of valued Kidney March volunteers (they set up ALL of our tents last year, we love them!), created a video to help you pack for each day’s journey. Thank you AESO!

Contact us with any questions.

Together we are putting kidney disease on the map like never before. Here’s to an incredible week ahead!


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