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We are incredibly proud of our Kidney March Family. Without them, we could not have gotten the Kidney March Experience message far. Every conversation, every tweet, every facebook status, every newspaper feature and every shout out has helped spread the word and for that, we are beyond grateful. We welcome you with open arms to be as Kidney March connected as possible. There is an amazing community with a strong voice out there and you can find it all here.

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Celebrating 2019 and 10 years of Kidney March at the Alumni Reunion

Kidney March family, you’re invited to our 2019 Alumni Reunion on Saturday, October 19.

Join us as we reminisce and celebrate everyone who has made Kidney March incredible over the years – Marchers, Crew, volunteers, donors, sponsors and loved ones.
Bring your family, friends and supporters to show them a glimpse of your Kidney March journey.

When: Saturday, October 19, 6:30 pm
Where: Delta Calgary South, Tower Building, Bonavista Ballroom – 135 Southland Dr. SE.
RSVP: By Friday, October 11 to Erin Birbeck, 403-255-6108 ext.36 / 
Feel free to rock your Kidney March gear or dress casual, whatever you prefer!

Cocktails at 6:30 pm, program at 7:00 pm and appetizers to follow. We will recognize our top fundraisers and unveil the 2019 “Marchin On” video!

The Kidney March lost & found will be there. Click here to see if any of the items are yours. 
Any unclaimed items after the Reunion will be donated to Kidney Clothes.

We are grateful for your dedication to this cause and can’t wait to celebrate all that you have accomplished. We hope to see you there!

Lost & Found 2019

Lost and found from Kidney March 2019
Please check the below list of items and let us know if you think something may be yours. To claim your lost item contact Michelle Hofer at 403-255-6108 x 30 or

We will bring all unclaimed items to the Alumni Reunion on Oct 19th.  Any remaining items following the reunion will be donated to Kidney Clothes.

Items that are missing and not yet found:
1) We have a case of a Jacket SWAP – At the Kidney March on Saturday one of our marchers accidentally ended up with a lady’s XL trailblazers 2019 jacket and is missing his own 2013 men’s medium jacket. If anyone is the other half of this, please contact us at the office to swap them out.

2) A Marcher is missing her Mtn equipment fuchsia pink rain jacket. It was in a white support vehicle bag from day 2. If you have any information or if it has been found, please contact us at Kidney March.

3) Green MEC water bottle with stickers on it. 

Unclaimed found items:
• Fleece Onesie – Black with emoticons on it
• Yellow foot air pump
• Kidney March Grey water bottle
• OG Construction baseball cap
• Pink westward Ho campground baseball Cap
• Alberta Supply baseball cap
• Rein Forth Equine baseball cap
• Red RedHawks Umbro Jacket
• Black knitted toque
• Blue fleece blanket
• Blue and white poke-a-dot bandana
• Brown MJR puffy Vest
• Eddie Bauer pack-able Jacket
• Monarch Glove black and white (right hand)
• Strathcona Tweedsmuir school metal water bottle
• Aveda Transportation coffee mug metal
• Contigo Coffee Mug Dark blue
• Beige Air Transat inflatable neck pillow
• Air Tansat eye mask
• Blue Air Transat inflatable pillow
• Blue Air Transat comfort kit
• Purple stethoscope (medical)
• Kidney March expandable water bottle red
• White bath towel
• Grey LuLu toque
• Brown tarp
• Grey sleeping mat
• White bed sheet
• Blue bag strap
• Pelican 2610 LED headlamp
• Large blue flipflops plastic
• Yeti water bottle lid.
• Purple and silver hair brush
• Silver ties for sleeping mat or tent 
• Brown and Blue sunglasses – Vogue
• Camouflage sunglasses ( found at top of hill)
• Glasses black frame prescription – Brandon BLK Foster Grant
• Lipstick “Estee Lauder” Purple Colour Envy
• Grey America T shirt with song quotes “she’s a good girl…”
• Sunglasses “Sundogs” Black
• Brown Woods liner in a squish bag
• Charging cord iPhone
• Charging Cord INSIGNIA
• Flashlight Black 0 Duracell
• Imagine Rock
• Dream Rock
• Black running room socks
• Black, blue, purple green striped socks
• Stop Sign Costume
• leopard print glasses 
• Pit Viper glasses in black bag
• Hand Crew black groves
• black foot/ankle brace

Otsuka carries on Kidney March tradition, supporting the day one lunch stop and marching!

For the 5th year in a row, Otsuka returns to support Kidney March as a Lead Sponsor.

On day one, Otsuka employees will be working hard to hand out lunch to all our hungry marchers and crew. André Mumme, Otsuka’s Manager of Stakeholder Relations, says supporting fundraising events like the Kidney March is an essential part of their organization and concern for people is one of Otsuka’s Cultural Values. The Japanese company with a Canadian Headquarters in Montreal feels strongly about the importance of giving back and being involved in activities that are meaningful to all the communities they serve.

“Otsuka employees share a unique and tireless passion to help enhance the health and quality of human life around the world.” Otsuka is also the national sponsor for the Kidney Walks Canada-wide. André himself feels a strong connection to the Kidney March and took on the 100 km challenge last year as a first time Marcher.

Other Otsuka employees have also marched the full 100 km over the years. One of them will be back again this year for the third time, saying that “Seldom in one’s career do you get to be part of something so powerful. I came to Kidney March thinking I was handing out a few sandwiches at a charity event and was blown away by the people I met — their struggles, people they have lost, and their dedication. Everyone was positive and smiling no matter their personal circumstances. There is nothing like Kidney March.”


The 2019 Kidney March Closing Ceremony

You’re invited to join us at the grand finale, the Kidney March Closing Ceremony. Family, friends, donors and supporters are all welcome.
We will celebrate the experiences shared and the incredible achievement that is Kidney March!

Ceremony Details:

When? Sunday, Sept.8, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Where? Canada Olympic Park’s Markin MacPhail Centre – 151 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary (see map below).|
New location – Returning Marchers and Crew, this year’s ceremony will not be in the Festival Tent.
No pets – We know pets are part of the family, but please leave them waiting for you at home.

Ceremony Itinerary:
• 2:30 pm: Guests await Marchers and Crew’s arrival outside the Markin MacPhail Centre
• 2:45 pm: Marchers and Crew parade into the Markin MacPhail Centre
• 3:15 pm: Ceremony starts in the Markin MacPhail Centre
• 4:30 pm: Ceremony ends, participants reunite with their loved ones and bask in all their support!

The Closing Ceremony showcases the dedication of all those involved in Kidney March, an outstanding triumph that deserves celebrating. We hope to see you there.

Bringing a touch of home to Kidney March. Mattamy Homes sponsorship returns for a third year!

Thanks to the amazing support of Mattamy Homes the shower rooms will again be transformed into a spa-like oasis. 

It’s Mattamy’s gift to refresh all marchers and crew at the end of each day.  In addition to the shower rooms, Mattamy is also sponsoring the last Pit Stop of Kidney March at the top of Canada Olympic Park.

Kidney March welcomed Mattamy Homes to the Kidney March family two years ago and we are thrilled they are joining us for 2019. When Mattamy Homes was considering one more charitable opportunity in the Calgary area, Kidney March was just the fit the company was looking for.

Don Barrineau, President of Mattamy Homes’ Calgary division, notes Mattamy has always had a deep interest in supporting the communities it does business in, particularly around health and wellness. “It starts at the top with President Peter Gilgan and spreads throughout the company. Here in Calgary, we want to focus our support on a couple of projects with big impact – projects where we can actually see the difference we are making, and that our people can get involved in,” he says.

Established in 1978, Mattamy Homes is North America’s largest privately owned home builder. The company has built over 90,000 homes in hundreds of neighborhoods across Ontario and Alberta. “We are proud of the high-quality people who work here – people who already have care and concern for their community hardwired in them,” Barrineau says. “And since high quality, integrity, humility, and gratitude is also the culture we want to build, giving back becomes a self-perpetuating thing that just keeps building on itself.” 

When Executive Assistant Colette Showers and the donations committee were looking for a new charitable opportunity to get involved in, kidney patient and long-time Kidney Marcher Trevor Ferguson helped make an introduction to the company – and the rest is history. “As we were considering our options, we found out our Director of Finance has a history of kidney disease in her family, one of our Permits Coordinators has actually participated in a previous Kidney March, and many other staff members identified a connection to kidney disease or organ transplant. We had no idea so many of our people were affected,” Showers says.


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2 days ago

Kidney March

Tink's Tip's:
Today's training tip from Tinkle Bell the Kidney March Elf.
STRETCH before, after and between any training. Tight muscles are more prone to injury and can leave you feeling fatigued. Leading into the holidays give back to your body by taking a few minutes out of your day to stretch. Sometimes the best gift we can give is self-care.

Read more about Stretching on our Training page

#elfontheshelf #stretch #elfyoga #kidneymarch #trainingtips #elftips
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3 days ago

Kidney March

The Heart – Kidney Connection:
Tinkle Bell wanted to learn more about Medical Crew, so she went digging to find something to practice, but she learned an interesting fact along the way...

"Blood pressure and kidney disease are connected. In fact, high blood pressure can both be a cause and a result of having kidney disease. So, keep an eye on that blood pressure. Did you also know, walking is a great way to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and exercise - benefiting your whole body? Good thing you're all training for kidney March!" says Tinkle.

Learn more about Blood Pressure and Kidney Health at:
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4 days ago

Kidney March

Tink's Tip's:
Today's training tip from Tinkle Bell the Kidney March Elf.
“When marching you should be drinking every 15 minutes, whether you feel thirsty or not. Alternating water with electrolyte replacements like Gatorade will keep you hydrated and your body’s electrolyte levels balanced.” Tinkle Bell saw the Gatorade in the storage area and thought she should give it a try, she was sneaking around the office all night and feeling a little dehydrated. Only thing is, she didn’t realize you should mix it with water...
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