Lost and Found 2023

Lost and found from Kidney March 2023
Please check the below list of items and let us know if you think something may be yours. To claim your lost item contact Sharon D’Souza
sharon.dsouza@kidney.ca 1-587-200-2780  | 1-800-268-1177

We will bring all unclaimed items to the Alumni Reunion in October.  Any remaining items following the reunion will be donated to Kidney Clothes.

Items that are missing and not yet found:
1) Beets Pill Speaker left in Van #21 potentially

2) Black Yeti water bottle

3) Power Bank portable charger white, it was plugged into multi port charging block with a short grey cord.

4) Round speaker UE(ultimate ears) Dark grey with an orange small label.

Unclaimed found items:


White Bag with Blue towel and other items

Sleeping bag, blue Okark Trail sleeping bag with grey cover

Shirley – glasses pouch with clothes

Purple hairband with cat ears and red item

Yardworks Gloves- Grey

Duck Blanket

Size 10 Sandals – George brand

P9- Small white bag with personal belongings

Blue thermos with blue and yellow shirt

Black and White Towel

Geo K – white bag with KM clothing

Yellow Eye Mask

Brown Sunglasses

Blue wet sweater

Good vibes blue waterbottle, pink watch phone cable, KM Tuber, Socks

Green Sweater

Caunie SP – white bag Personal belongings

KM Jacket

KM Grey Long Sleeve Shirt

Orange Advantage Builders Drinkware

Blue walmart bottle

Grey sweat pants

White Hand Towel

Cartoon Girl Towel

Olay Body wash 89ml

Blue/purple Thermoflask

Flash light

Blue sheet

White Sheet

Soft Kneebrace

Purple bubble maker stick

White work gloves – grey spots

White sheet

Hot Paws gloves

Boys XL black pants

black touque

Grey slacks

Nikon camera lense cover