Two Ways You Can Earn Kidney March Rewards!

If you missed the announcements at EXPO…
We have 2 AMAZING rewards to share with you! 

1) Reach Your Fundraising Goals & Shop with the 2024 Fundraising Reward:

For all registered Marchers and Crew who fundraise an additional $500 between April 14 and May 14, 2024, you will receive a $75 credit to use at our Kidney March Store in 2024! We know fundraising can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got all the resources you’ll need to help you come up with fundraising ideas that are both effective and fun. Head over to our fundraising page to find all the tools and tips you’ll need to get started. Chat with our team and Heather Dean they have lots of great ideas! Over the past 14 years, we have found that the most effective way to fundraise is to ask for help. Share your story, tell people why you are Marching, let them know about the commitment you have made to walk 100 kilometres and raise a minimum of $2,200. Then ask for help to get to your goal. Don’t forget to keep donations forms with you. You can do this!
Visit our Store Page to check out the high quality items you can get with your reward! Shop the Kidney March Store!

* Store credit only valid during Kidney March 2024. 


2) Kidney March is Better Together with the 2024 “Bring a Friend” Reward

Kidney March is a transformative experience that brings together passionate people. Let’s unite and strengthen this incredible community by inviting new participants to join you. Share the magic of Kidney March with them, and together, you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure, plus have the chance to earn a prize.  Kidney March awaits, and the 15th anniversary is calling out to those brave enough to join us and make a difference.

Encourage a new, first time Kidney Marcher to register and march alongside you. Once they raise their minimum of $2,200, you as the recruiter will earn yourself an AMAZING prize.

How it Works:

Step 1 – Register or already be registered for Kidney March 2024.

Step 2 – Recruit a first-time marcher to March with you. 

Step 3 – Tell us who is joining you by emailing us at

Step 4 – Your new recruit must raise their minimum $2,200 by Day Zero of Kidney March in order for you to qualify.

That’s it, once we confirm they’ve registered and reached their $2,200 fundraising goal you qualify for an amazing prize! PLUS,  your new recruit can recruit someone else and earn a prize themselves, growing your team!

Everything is better when you do it together! Who are you are inviting to join you this year?