A New Marcher Centre for Participants

Announcing…. Your New Marcher Centre! 

We’re excited to share that we have updated our Marcher Centre and it is ready for you to use.

This new and improved fundraising hub has lots of helpful features to reach your Kidney March goals.

Start by logging into your Marcher Centre and explore the new platform.
 You will notice:

  • A fresh new design, making it easy for you to navigate and for supporters to follow your journey.
  • A dynamic dashboard with an overview of your efforts and achievements as they happen, and you can easily share them on social channels.
  • Strava integration! You can now add your Strava account to your Marcher Centre and have your activity automatically tracked onto your page!
  • Easy-to-use email tools that track responses when people open your emails or view your page (how cool!).

Bonus – Your new Marcher Centre adapts to any screen size. Manage and share from your phone or tablet and take your fundraising on the go!

 Click here to review our new Marcher Centre Guide and learn step-by-step all you can do in this improved fundraising hub.
Take the 45-second tour of your Marcher Centre by clicking “Tour” in the top right corner after logging in.
Contact usWe’re happy to help you.
We hope you enjoy this new platform as much as we do, and happy fundraising Kidney Marchers