Kidney March Patient Program – Pedal Power

Throughout dialysis units across southern Alberta, dialysis patients are participating in their own Kidney March. Challenged to complete 100 kilometres of activity, patients pedal on specialized bikes that are pushed up to the dialysis chair. So far Jake, pictured above, has cycled 500 kms en route to his goal of 800 kms by September 7th. Being active while dialyzing is shown to clear more toxins from the blood and we applaud Jake and all our participants! In addition to getting several other benefits derived from leading a more active lifestyle, these participants are also raising funds for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Jake is in the top five of our individual fundraisers for Kidney March.

You may have the opportunity to meet some of the Patient Program participants during the closing ceremonies. These individuals are not walking beside you in Kidney March but they are with us every step of the way.

Marcher #3 - Jake