2020 Returning Sponsors The Ruparell Family

Vinay, Bhavini, Asha, and Jyoti have a lot to be thankful for and being part of the Kidney March family is one of those things. 

Although Bhavini Ruparell laughs when she says, “she will never ‘walk’ Kidney March again,” she and her whole family are proud to support and be a part of Kidney March. They have marched, crewed and are multi-year sponsors. The past two years they have been our massage tent sponsor, a necessity for every marcher’s tired body after a long day of walking. Although there isn’t a massage tent this year, their sponsorship will go a long way to support those living courageously with kidney disease. We thank them for their unwavering sponsorship. 

We also want to thank them for everything they do to raise awareness for the importance of organ donation. 

Kidney Marcher Bhavini is a kidney transplant recipient from a deceased donor and a proud advocate for organ donation, “…the best way we can honour them[donors] is by following their example.” Bhavini has a message for everyone who is registered to donate. “It’s really important for people who are now signing their organ donation cards or registering themselves to have that conversation with their family.”

Learn more about this generous kidney family in the below Calgary Herald News story from 2018, ‘The Legacy of Organ Donation’