Clauson steps up again to support our largest ever main tent and dining center at camp!

Kidney March is thrilled to have Clauson Cold & Cooler Ltd back as a leading sponsor for their second year in a row.  Not only are they sponsoring our main tent and dining centre at camp, they will also be sponsoring 4 pit stops on route. Catherine Coels, the president at Clauson, has been attending Kidney March events for years, supporting her long-time family friend and 10-time Marcher Janice MacKay, and Janice’s sister-in-law Sandra MacKay, 6-time Marcher.

Marchers and Crew will have an amazing space twice as big as last year to enjoy warm meals and two fun-filled evenings at camp, thanks to Clauson’s generous sponsorship. The Clauson staff were able to join us for Kidney-O-kee last year where they got a real sense of the spirit of our event and how important the main tent is to our Marching community over those three days.

“Clauson has always invested in the community and Catherine has such a generous heart. I am proud to be her friend, and we are so grateful for Clauson’s support,” says Janice.

Clauson Cold & Cooler Ltd has a refrigeration warehouse of 250,000 square feet, providing cold/cooler storage, a focus on excellent customer service, and the highest standards for food safety. It is still a family-run business with Catherine’s son Darcy and Janice’s son Neil playing key roles.

The family business, started by Catherine’s dad Norm Clauson in the 1960’s, is also proudly sponsoring four pit stops along the Kidney March route. The family recognizes that kidney disease affects people at every age, and feels blessed to have happy, healthy children and grandchildren. They are celebrating that by dedicating these pit stops to their grandchildren Olivia and Kieran.