Eager to give back to the community, Trevor just signed up for Kidney March.


As a young man with a young family, Trevor Ferguson was shocked when doctors told him he had polycystic kidney disease. In his own words, he shares his story.

I was in the hospital for testing for another ailment and, while delighted that testing came back ok, I didn’t have a clue what life with kidney disease would be like. Immediately, I was referred to a nephrologist. Together we made a plan to get me to transplant without going on dialysis first. That was 12 years ago.

Throughout that decade of living with kidney disease there were definitely some challenges. My wife, Sam, was my rock. Her support was definitely the reason I could keep on going, keep on working, and keep up with my family. As my cysts grew, and my kidney function declined, Sam came forward for testing as a living donor for me. She was well into the testing when my sister Holly said… err no, and insisted that Sam back down and allow her to go forward. Holly realized that Sam would need to be full strength to help me recover from transplant surgery and take care of our two sons. We feel really lucky for that foresight.

In December, 2014 Holly and I underwent our scheduled transplant. Surgery went well for both of us. Holly’s kidney worked and continues to work well. I am so grateful to Holly for giving me my life back. Against all odds – I managed to get to transplant without going on dialysis. However, on the day of surgery my kidney function was a mere 4%. I was just surviving.

Spending Christmas in the hospital was hard, but it meant I got to start 2015 with a new lease on life. And that is what brings me here. Now that I feel better, I want to give back. I am Crew for Kidney March 2015. For 3 days and over a course of 100 kms I will be supporting hundreds of amazing people who each have their own kidney story. Imagine that… 300 of us taking to the streets between Calgary and Kananaskis to raise awareness for kidney disease. I do this for myself and for them. I do this as a thank you to my donor, Holly. And for my family… that my kids may know a future without kidney disease. Together, we can make a difference.