For our Kidney March heroes

Kidney Marchers … or those just about to sign up.
We have two fantastic incentives this spring:

1. Apple Watch incentive … between now and July 31:
– Register for Kidney March
– Recruit a first-timer to join you
– Help your new recruit reach his/her $2200 fundraising goal
– Get an Apple Watch!**
**Your first timers need to mention you when they sign up, and their funds must be received by July 31, 2018. The watch is an Apple Series 1.

2. Add $500 to your Kidney March account between April 23 and June 1, and win a Mega Jolt power bank. You can charge your phone or tablet with this sweet little device. It has a whopping 8,000 milliamp hours. That’s 3-4 phone charges.

If you have any questions about the incentives or anything about Kidney March, we are here to help! Please contact Carol at 403.255.6108 x24 or