How to be successful at fundraising

What do Richard, Linda, Jane, Jeff & Cassidy have in common when it comes to fundraising? All have been very successful in reaching their fundraising goals.

How did they do it? By going door to door. Now I know that it may seem very daunting, but trust me….this is different. This technique has been so successful year after year for them that they have reached their goals in a very short time.

So, what’s the secret? Well, they get dressed up in their Kidney March gear and arm themselves with a lot of donation forms and Kidney March brochures. Sometimes, they have prepared 50/50 tickets to offer as well. Then they go to their neighbours, share their personal stories and ASK! It’s that simple.

So, why not try it? Here are some pointers before you get going door to door.

1. Personalize your personal fundraising page. Ask our Kidney March team if you need help with it. Drive your friends, family and neighbours to your personal page. Especially if you are going door to door, people may want to give securely online.

2. Have a 50/50 raffle. We will get the license for you. It is another thing you can offer your neighbours when you go knocking on their door. Who doesn’t want a chance to win some money!

3. Ask us for marketing material such as posters, pamphlets, brochures, donation forms, registration forms and even signage for events you may have.

4. Practice what you will say in advance. The reason you are taking part in Kidney March is your best story. But also remember this is Canada’s longest, largest single awareness and fundraising event for kidney disease and organ donation. So ASK, ASK, ASK. Ask your friends and neighbours to help you reach your goal.

Here are some other fundraising ideas:

• Email everyone you know with your fundraising page link and ASK. What’s the worst thing people can say? NO? From experience, many will say YES.

• Use your social media outlets! Post, Tweet, Hashtag…

• Host a Bake sale.

• Hold a Kidney Clothes donation drive. Did you know that you can get credit for the clothes you donate to Kidney Clothes? Ask us how.

• Run a Raffle/Silent Auction (ask local businesses for prizes they can donate). Remember to contact us about tax receipting and the license.

• Bottle drives are excellent because not only can you ask for bottles you can also ask for donations when collecting the bottles. Win, Win.

• Host a fundraising BBQ with friends, co-workers, family…and charge a fee. People will be happy to pay it to help the cause.

• Check with your employer to see if they match employee fundraising.

• Think outside the box. There are countless ideas on how to fundraise out there!