Incredible and Inspiring. That’s you Marchers and Crew!

Marchers and Crew. We cannot say enough about your spirit and your accomplishment at Kidney March 2012. You walked… oh boy did you walk. You slept… in tiny tents. You braved the sun and the heat… even when sun screen and misting seemed to barely make a dent. You had aching legs and sore feet… yet found the strength to keep going. And you raised funds… to levels higher than you likely thought possible.

In the words of John (a fellow marcher), “This weekend made a big impact on me in so many unexpected ways… (On day 2) I stopped at one pit stop and was pondering whether I should stop for the day because my leg just wouldn’t work. I looked over and a guy pulled off his sock and his entire foot from heel to toe was completely shredded and blistered… He asked the medic to patch him up so he could keep walking. They asked if it was painful and he said not as bad as when he had his kidney transplant. I got off my chair and hobbled back out onto the road and away I went. Mind blowing to see (the commitment and determination of Marchers) for sure. (On day 3) it was a thrill to march/hobble/stagger across the finish line at Canada Olympic Park with so many new friends that laid their hearts on the line for people they cared about.”

Marchers and Crew, you are heroes in this united front against Kidney Disease. Being back in your regular routine it may be easy to forget the difference you made this week end. We encourage you to take a moment, feel proud, and know that you are a significant part in the success of the March and the kidney community’s ability to prevail and not fail. Together, we raised over $636,000 to support those living with kidney disease, raise awareness for organ donation, and fund lifesaving renal research. It’s incredible and inspiring! Especially knowing that total will rise as donations are still being accepted.

As Dr. Julian Midgley said in the closing ceremonies, “Individually, you are the potential. Together, we are the possibility. Individually, you are the potential to raise awareness about kidney disease. Together, we are the possibility for a future with fewer diagnoses, more transplants, and a cure! So remember to keep standing up for the cause.”

So, from all of us here on the Kidney March Team, and the patients and families living with kidney disease, thank you.