Kicking things off tomorrow – Day Zero!

Kidney March is officially upon us, and we are buzzing with excitement! Tomorrow is Day Zero, the day to prepare for your weekend ahead.

What to do on Day Zero?

• Watch the Day Zero video at 6 pm (MT) on our Home page KidneyMarch.caHear from Joyce Van Deurzen as she reminisces on what Kidney March is all about and learn how to get the best experience out of your adventure. Listen to Dr. Nairne Scott-Douglas, Kidney March’s Medical Lead, give his pro advice on staying safe and healthy over the weekend.

• Refer to the “Weekend Agenda” included in your package to follow the weekend activities and watch the videos on

• Pack for your weekend of walking! AESO, a team of valued Kidney March volunteers (they set up ALL of our tents last year, we love them!), created a video to help you pack for each day’s journey. Thank you AESO!

Contact us with any questions.

Together we are putting kidney disease on the map like never before. Here’s to an incredible week ahead!