Kidney March 2012 Ceremony and Cheering Station Details

With Kidney March just around the bend, it’s time to talk specifics. Important specifics. Such as, where to show these remarkable folks some love along the 100K route, loud and proud. We’ve got to tell you, friends of Kidney March, there is nothing quite like seeing some familiar faces a long the way while you are out blazing the kidney trail for days. A pick me up like that is one of the very, very best feelings in the world.

For safety reasons, we cannot allow impromptu stops along the route. So, to keep our Marchers safe and sound, we have set up and designated a few stops throughout the route to accommodate supporters coming out to cheer them on. Below, you’ll find many o’ opportunity to join us, whether it’s for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, on route cheering stops or all of the above (er, below).

1) September 7th @ 6:50am – Opening Ceremonies at Millarville Racetrack

2) September 8th @ 7:30am – Hwy 66 and Powderface Trail Head (Day 2 Starting point)

3) September 8th @ 9:45am – Hwy 66 and Allen Bill Pond picnic Area

4) September 8th @ 1:00pm – Bragg Creek Strip mall by Shell Station

5) September 9th @ 10:00am – Springbank Park School

6) September 9th @ 2:45 pm at Canada Olympic Park Festival Tent – (Closing Ceremonies) to begin approximately 3 pm. Free Parking at COP.

We hope you’ll join us as we bask in the awesomeness that is Kidney March weekend. Homemade signs optional (but always a huge hit).