Kidney March 2015 needs you! The Kidney Foundation’s National President tells you why.

We’re on a mission to stand up and make noise. We hope you will too.

Most people reading this have been touched by kidney disease in one way or another. If you’re like me, you’re endlessly frustrated by its nature. Debilitating. Incurable. Utterly relentless. To see people I know and love go through the daily reality of this disease is disheartening; but I have hope.

Kidney March began in 2010. We celebrate how far we’ve come in the field of research, we honour those we know and love who are affected by kidney disease and we put faith in a future where it’s no longer a silent killer that currently affects 3┬ámillion Canadians. And, most important of all, we do something about it. Something Big.

I’m asking you, to do the most you can possibly do to help plant the boldest flag humanity has ever attempted in the fight against kidney disease and the appeal for organ donation. I’m asking you to join us for Kidney March 2015.

Kidney March is no Sunday stroll for Kidney Disease.

It’s been developed to give our community an opportunity that they don’t get every day. An opportunity to join the fight. Not just worry about it. This event is about marching, about fundraising, about blisters and cramps, and persevering on the frontier. Yes, it will be hard. But it’s supposed to be hard. We’re fundraising at a level on par with our frustration. Pushing at a level on par with our loved one’s pain. Kidney disease deserves an event like this that gives us a platform to display our commitment and make an impact.

So let’s do the most we can do, together. Walk the farthest we’ve ever walked. Raise the most we’ve ever raised. If you haven’t registered yet, take a moment to think about all your reasons not to. Then shake those thoughts off, register with your heart, and join us on the Kidney March in September. We need you.


Julian Midgley

National President

The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Pediatric Nephrologist

Kidney Marcher 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world” ~ Anne Frank

Day 3 - The Trip to Triumph

Day 3 – The Trip to Triumph