Kidney Marcher’s fundraising is featured in the Lethbridge Herald!

Source: Lethbridge Herald – Published June 29, 2013 by Simmons, Garrett.


At the age of 25, living a healthy life, the last thing Kate expected was to be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. However, when the former Lethbridge resident experienced severe headaches that would not go away, she was shocked to learn her kidneys function had dropped to an astounding 13%. Kidney disease usually starts silently and slowly, which is why it is often referred to as the silent killer. Most patients are treated on dialysis when their kidney function reaches 15%.

Two years later, thanks to dramatic lifestyle changes and medication, Kate’s kidneys are functioning at above 20%. Kate is grateful that on some days, she almost forgets that she has kidney disease. She is dedicated to living life to the fullest, knowing that sometime in the future the investable will happen, and she will need a kidney transplant.

Kate has turned what could have been destructive news, into an opportunity to educate others, bring awareness to the disease, and give back to the kidney community. This year, Kate and her mother will participate in Kidney March for their second time. The three-day, 100 KM walk, from K-country to Calgary, benefits The Kidney Foundation of Canada, along with the two million Canadians who have kidney disease or are at risk.

“I have been very lucky to meet other inspiring people who have suffered and overcome the challenge that kidney disease brings,” said Huffman. “I look up to all of them and do this walk not only for me, but for everyone who suffers from this disease.”

In order to do the most they can do in the name of kidney disease and organ donation. They will be holding a garage sale on June 29, from 9am-4pm, at More or Less (1509 MAYOR MAGRATH S) with proceeds going towards their Kidney March challenge. Kate will also be leading a 20K training walk on June 30, at 1pm, at Henderson Lake concession stand.

To support The Kidney March, or to make an online donation in support of Huffman, visit or call 1-866-956-2724.

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