Looks like it’s about the time for hittin’ the KM training trail…..

Dare we say Spring has Sprung? Mostly. Well then, no better time to try out our gear on for size and explore the great outdoors. Wondering what sort of regime to jump into? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a nice and easy program to start the KM training season off with…

Recommended Training by Distance – 
One or Two walks per Weeks of the Following Distances

Month 1: 5 to 8 Kilometers
Month 2: 10 to 12 Kilometers
Month 3: 16 to 20 Kilometers
Month 4: 20 to 28 Kilometers
Month 5: 30 Kilometers

Some things to remember:

Don’t be intimidated by these distances. First of all, you walk a lot already. In fact, the average human being is thought to walk about 100,000 miles (160,900+ kilometres) in their lifetime, or the equivalent of about four times around the world. And we’ve been walking for three million years. Beyond that, these are suggestions for optimal conditioning. If you can’t do these kinds of distances with this regularity, don’t worry. What’s important is that you do as much training as you can.

Stay tuned — organized training walks with our friends at the Y in Calgary will be beginning in no time. Get to know some fellow KMarcher’s while clocking some serious training km’s for your weekend of a lifetime. And be sure to reward your efficiency with something awesome (ice cream, maybe??). Happy Training Y’all!