Lost & Found 2019

Lost and found from Kidney March 2019
Please check the below list of items and let us know if you think something may be yours. To claim your lost item contact Michelle Hofer at 403-255-6108 x 30 or michelle.hofer@kidney.ca.

We will bring all unclaimed items to the Alumni Reunion on Oct 19th.  Any remaining items following the reunion will be donated to Kidney Clothes.

Items that are missing and not yet found:
1) We have a case of a Jacket SWAP – At the Kidney March on Saturday one of our marchers accidentally ended up with a lady’s XL trailblazers 2019 jacket and is missing his own 2013 men’s medium jacket. If anyone is the other half of this, please contact us at the office to swap them out.

2) A Marcher is missing her Mtn equipment fuchsia pink rain jacket. It was in a white support vehicle bag from day 2. If you have any information or if it has been found, please contact us at Kidney March.

3) Green MEC water bottle with stickers on it. 

Unclaimed found items:
• Fleece Onesie – Black with emoticons on it
• Yellow foot air pump
• Kidney March Grey water bottle
• OG Construction baseball cap
• Pink westward Ho campground baseball Cap
• Alberta Supply baseball cap
• Rein Forth Equine baseball cap
• Red RedHawks Umbro Jacket
• Black knitted toque
• Blue fleece blanket
• Blue and white poke-a-dot bandana
• Brown MJR puffy Vest
• Eddie Bauer pack-able Jacket
• Monarch Glove black and white (right hand)
• Strathcona Tweedsmuir school metal water bottle
• Aveda Transportation coffee mug metal
• Contigo Coffee Mug Dark blue
• Beige Air Transat inflatable neck pillow
• Air Tansat eye mask
• Blue Air Transat inflatable pillow
• Blue Air Transat comfort kit
• Purple stethoscope (medical)
• Kidney March expandable water bottle red
• White bath towel
• Grey LuLu toque
• Brown tarp
• Grey sleeping mat
• White bed sheet
• Blue bag strap
• Pelican 2610 LED headlamp
• Large blue flipflops plastic
• Yeti water bottle lid.
• Purple and silver hair brush
• Silver ties for sleeping mat or tent 
• Brown and Blue sunglasses – Vogue
• Camouflage sunglasses ( found at top of hill)
• Glasses black frame prescription – Brandon BLK Foster Grant
• Lipstick “Estee Lauder” Purple Colour Envy
• Grey America T shirt with song quotes “she’s a good girl…”
• Sunglasses “Sundogs” Black
• Brown Woods liner in a squish bag
• Charging cord iPhone
• Charging Cord INSIGNIA
• Flashlight Black 0 Duracell
• Imagine Rock
• Dream Rock
• Black running room socks
• Black, blue, purple green striped socks
• Stop Sign Costume
• leopard print glasses 
• Pit Viper glasses in black bag
• Hand Crew black groves
• black foot/ankle brace