Marchers and Crew, you are our heroes.

Congratulations and Thank You!

We cannot say enough about your spirit and your accomplishment in Kidney March 2015. You walked. Oh boy, did you walk. You crewed. Oh boy, did you crew. You slept. In tents. You braved the heat and rain. Even when sun screen and rain gear seemed to barely make a dent. You had sore feet and sore backs. Yet found the strength to keep going. And you raised funds. To levels higher than you likely thought possible.

You are a corner stone to Kidney March and in the united front against kidney disease. We encourage you to take a moment, feel proud, and know that you are the possibility. The possibility of a different future and better life for people affected by kidney disease.

Together, we raised over $570,000, and we’re still counting. In the six years of Kidney March, over $4 million dollars has been raised and put into action. Through The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Kidney March provides for kidney disease prevention, lifesaving research, patient support programs and organ donation initiatives.

Thank you!

team photo