Kidney Marchers, be prepared to be spoiled at camp!

Thanks to the amazing support of Mattamy Homes the shower rooms will again be transformed into a spa-like oasis.  It’s Mattamy’s rejuvenating gift for our exhausted marchers and crew at the end of each day.  In addition to the shower rooms, Mattamy staff will also sponsor the last Pit Stop at the top of Canada Olympic Park, lending a helping hand as triumphant Kidney Marchers cross the finish line.

Kidney March welcomed Mattamy Homes to the Kidney March family last year and we are thrilled they are joining us for 2018. When Mattamy Homes was considering one more charitable opportunity in the Calgary area, Kidney March was just the fit the company was looking for.

Don Barrineau, President of Mattamy Homes’ Calgary division, notes Mattamy has always had a deep interest in supporting the communities it does business in, particularly around health and wellness. “It starts at the top with President Peter Gilgan and spreads throughout the company. Here in Calgary, we want to focus our support on a couple of projects with big impact – projects where we can actually see the difference we are making, and that our people can get involved in,” he says.

Established in 1978, Mattamy Homes is North America’s largest privately owned home builder. The company has built 90,000 homes in hundreds of neighborhoods across Ontario and Alberta. “We are proud of the high-quality people who work here – people who already have care and concern for their community hardwired in them,” Barrineau says. “And since high quality, integrity, humility, and gratitude is also the culture we want to build, giving back becomes a self-perpetuating thing that just keeps building on itself.” 

When Executive Assistant Colette Showers and the donations committee were looking for a new charitable opportunity to get involved in last year, kidney patient and long-time Kidney Marcher Trevor Ferguson helped make an introduction to the company – and the rest is history. “As we were considering our options, we found out our Director of Finance has a history of kidney disease in her family, one of our Permits Coordinators has actually participated in a previous Kidney March, and many other staff members identified a connection to kidney disease or organ transplant. We had no idea so many of our people were affected,” Showers says.