On the Fence about joining us for 2013? Here’s why YOU should, straight from the mouths of past Kidney Marchers.

While we weren’t entirely surprised by the remarkable response of our Kidney March Community, we were both humbled and grateful by the incredible outpouring of their support.

We asked our Past Kidney March Alumni, “What would you tell someone who is considering registering for Kidney March, but feeling some hesitation?” The response was huge. And it further solidified why every September, we surround ourselves with some of the most inspiring folks on the planet.

Here’s what they had to say….

I would tell someone that it is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and do something to help other people at the same time. It is tough but it is rewarding. And if I could do it, anyone can. ~ Lauren, KM2011 & KM2012 Participant

It is one of the single most amazing three days you will ever have in your life. It is something that should not be missed…you will remember those three days for the rest of your life with overwhelming pride and gratitude. It will move you! ~ Merry, KM2010, KM2011, KM2012, KM2013 Participant

It’s just one of those things that changes your world forever! ~ Didja, KM2010 & KM2011 Participant

To just do it! What’s the worst that could happen? You could help raise that one dollar more which makes it possible for someone in pain, to have peace. Who doesn’t want to cross off a bucket list item. Walked 100 km – check, Raised at least $2200 – check, made a difference – check. ~ Melody, KM2010, KM2011, & KM2012 Participant

I think if you were to sit and talk with someone who is living with kidney disease you will see how their stories and personal battles will inspire you to want to do the walk. As a kidney patient, I draw off the strength and determination of everyone who marches. It brings us together as one to fight this disease! ~ Justin, KM2011 & KM2012 Participant

Just do it! You will meet some amazing people and hear some amazing stories. This will be my 3rd March. I will never forget the adventure (Kidney March) ~ Tricia, KM2011, KM2012 & KM2013 Participant

Lastly, Stephanie’s thoughts, that can pretty much sum up the feel of Kidney March to many.

I would tell them that words simply cannot describe the Kidney March because even the words “incredible”, “amazing”, and “phenomenal” seem to fall short. I would tell them that the Kidney March sounds intimidating, but that the relentless fund-raising, the exhaustion, and the blisters are all worth it because there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of the Kidney March; there are remarkable crew members cheering you every step of the way and wonderful individuals who turn into your own kidney family. All of the aforementioned are there for the same worthy cause and I would tell them that you will share tears, stories, experiences and plenty of laughter with those people. I would tell them that it’s challenging, but there is nothing more motivating or inspiring than walking alongside some of the strongest and most passionate individuals that you will ever meet. Most importantly, I’d tell them that it’s okay to be hesitant and intimidated as the Kidney March isn’t a walk in the park. Instead, it’s about doing the most you can for a cause that affects so many Canadians and their families, and it’s about coming together and raising awareness because failure is not an option. ~ Stephanie, KM2011 & KM 2012 Participant

Call our Kidney March Support & Outreach Team anytime to find out how you can be a part of this Movement. We hope to hear from you soon. 1.866.9KMARCH