Otsuka Continues their Kidney March Commitment

For the 6th year in a row, Otsuka returns to support Kidney March as a Lead Sponsor.

On day one of Kidney March 2019, Otsuka employees were working hard to hand out lunch to all our hungry marchers and crew. André Mumme, Otsuka’s Manager of Stakeholder Relations, says supporting fundraising events like the Kidney March is an essential part of their organization. Even though there will not be lunch stops this year Otsuka is strongly committed to giving back and supporting all the communities they serve. “Otsuka employees share a unique and tireless passion to help enhance the health and quality of human life around the world.” Otsuka is also the national sponsor for the Kidney Walks Canada-wide. André himself feels a strong connection to the Kidney March and took on the 100 km challenge two years ago as a Marcher and many other Otsuka employees have marched the full 100 km over the years.

“Seldom in one’s career do you get to be part of something so powerful. I came to Kidney March thinking I was handing out a few sandwiches at a charity event and was blown away by the people I met — their struggles, people they have lost, and their dedication. Everyone was positive and smiling no matter their personal circumstances. There is nothing like Kidney March.”