Part 1 – Kidney March 2020 Starts Today!

Between now and Day Zero of Kidney March, Thursday, September 10, complete 70 KM of your 100 KM march. With every kilometre you walk over the next weeks, think about your reasons for Marching or Crewing. 

Things to Remember:
• Track and share your kilometres using the Strava app, click here to learn how to use Strava for Kidney March.
 Share your journey. We want to see your pictures and videos! Refer to our suggestions on the reverse side of the itinerary in your package.
Submit pictures and videos through the form under “Marcher Centre” and tag @KidneyMarch and #kidneymarch in all your social media posts.
• Your safety is important. Listen to your body, review the safety section in your manual and follow the safety guidelines set out by your provincial government.

Watch the Part 1 Kick-off Message for you!

This year’s theme song is…  “Don’t Give Up on Me” by
Andy Grammer
 Download this song and add it to your Kidney March playlist. Let it inspire you while you walk, sing and dance along, or even make a TikTok!

We are united in our fight against kidney disease and for organ donation. Let’s get walking. Failure is Not an Option!

Contact us with any questions.