If Marchers are the heart of the Kidney March, then the Crew is the soul. There’s no two ways about it, our Crew members make the March….march. Walking one hundred kilometres is an epic adventure, and our hard-working, fun-loving Crew supports the Marchers every single step of the way. Think you have what it takes to join the ranks? Here are a few things you need to know:

1.  You’re an ambassador of kidney village. For 3 remarkable days, we all are citizens of a community focused on 2 things: fighting kidney disease…and taking care of our feet. From the start to finish, our Crew is busy making sure the Marchers are getting the R&R they need after a long day on the road. Need help with that tent? Crew is on it. Need directions to the massage tent? No problemo — That’s Crew-covered. Along with everything else, naturally.

2.  You’re the chairmen (and women) of cheer. Whether the Marchers are mid-route in the stunning Kananaskis Country or nearing the home stretch towards the end of a 33 kilometre day, cheering is a gift and obligation for our entire Crew. A good cheering squad has been scientifically proven to actually make blisters be-gone and cramps vanish into thin air. It’s that powerful.

3.  You’re the Marcher’s Marcher: You know how we’re always saying that the Marchers are our heroes? That we’re in awe of them doing the most they can do for their loved ones affected by kidney disease? Well, our Marcher’s would say the exact same thing about the Crew. Without the Marchers, there would be no Kidney March. Without the support of the Crew, there would be no Marchers. It’s plain and simple.

4.  You’re the “team” behind the curtain: There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. These unsung heroes, who are up early and in bed late, handle it with a sense of mission that’s as important as the marching itself. There’s a camaraderie and teamwork that plays out in the Crew trenches. It’s inspiring.


5.  There’s a place for everyone: Sure, we have Crew specialists. But, you don’t need any special skills to join Crew; a love for our favorite organs and a desire to make something big happen will do. Cheryl Oliver came on board with one major task in mind – make sure these Marchers knew that they could make it all 100 kilometres. “My role was to take care of and motivate the participants. I created 300 inspiring cards.” Armed with a tutu (seriously, she rocked it) and her fellow Crew-Mates, she did just that.

So, now you know. The Crew is the engine that makes the Kidney March go. Interested in signing up? It’s easy.

Register here – just make sure that you’re signing up for Crew.

PS: Crew can sign up flying solo. Crew can create a team. Crew can join an already registered team. It can be all Crew or all Marchers or even mix & match. The possibilities are endless (well, maybe not endless….) Point is, there’s no wrong combo to sign up to Crew as long as you sign up to join us.

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