RME is Back in a Big Way

Second time sponsor returns to nourish Kidney Marchers and Crew, and staff join Garrett Ganden by participating as a team.

Canada’s largest independent dealer of agriculture equipment, Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME), has joined the Kidney March family again for 2019. They have signed on as a champion of Day Two by sponsoring lunch in K-Country, and a pit stop along the early part of the route. RME staff volunteers will be fueling hungry Marchers and Crew as they take on the mountain terrain of the beautiful Rockies. But that’s not all; RME will also be walking, crewing, and fundraising right beside us.

Their team, “RME Kidney Krusaders” is made up of several RME staff and are supported by family and friends, some of whom have also registered as Marchers and Crew, as well as second time marcher Garrett Ganden, RME President & CEO.

“Kidney Disease is something which affects so many people around us and RME wanted to join the fight for awareness of this great cause,” said Ganden. “The people involved—from the event staff, to the participants, and especially the medics—have all made us feel welcome at the Kidney March. We knew coming back this year was a must, and that we had to be an even bigger part of the family.”

Garrett is thrilled for the challenge again this year. “We’re excited to do our part to keep everyone strong and energized during the March but also put our feet to the ground and make a big impact,” said Ganden. “I now know what it takes to do this walk, it is no small feat. I am proud to be a part of it and to give our support.”

RME heard about Kidney March two years ago from James Maxim, a trailblazer marching for his fourth time this year and a member of our sponsorship committee. “This is a great match between Kidney March and RME,” said Maxim. “RME has always invested in the communities it serves and will be a powerful ally in helping us spread the word about kidney disease. Garrett showed true leadership to his team when he walked his first 100 kilometres with us in 2018 and I’m proud to see him back.”

Follow their team’s Kidney March journey on Facebook and Twitter, and cheer for them and fellow Marchers along the three-day journey from Calgary to the Foothills of the Rockies and back. Last year, they put together an amazing video of their 2018 journey. You can view it, and their current blog page here.