Thanks for the amazing support Mattamy Homes!

Transform your home into a Kidney March Camp Oasis with the help of Mattamy! 

Kidney March welcomed Mattamy Homes to the Kidney March family three years ago and we can’t thank them enough for staying on board with us as a lead sponsor for 2020.  They’re also excited to provide some virtual fun for our marchers this year.

In the past it’s been Mattamy’s gift to refresh all marchers and crew at the end of each day as our spa sponsor. In keeping with tradition, they wanted to support marchers by supplying a little ‘how to’ guide for your at home Kidney March camp and spa!  Follow this link for  Tips to set up your at home Kidney March Camp & Spa!

Mattamy has also sponsored many of the beautiful pathways here in Calgary and so they wanted to help by providing us with route suggestions through Strava for our marchers to safely walk during Kidney March. Here is the one of the routes so far! This 6 km (one-way) route takes you from the Carrington Greenway park south and then east along beautiful pathway and rolling prairie. Thank you Mattamy Homes staff member Joe Case for sharing this amazing route with us! Rotary Mattamy Greenway – Carrington Park

When Executive Assistant Colette Showers and the donations committee were looking for a new charitable opportunity to get involved in, they had no idea how many of their staff were directly affected or had a connection to kidney disease or organ transplant.

Don Barrineau, President of Mattamy Homes’ Calgary division, notes Mattamy has always had a deep interest in supporting the communities it does business in, particularly around health and wellness. When it comes to Kidney March and The Kidney Foundation of Canada he says, “everything we read about this charity shows the efficiency of the funds raised – the money really goes directly to the patients. All of the unsolicited comments we receive from customers and trades about the impact of this organization are overwhelmingly positive. We are very proud to continue our involvement!”

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