The Kidney March Medical Building Finds its Perfect Match in a New Sponsor

Photo of the Kidney March Medical building

Photo of Dr. Nairne Scott-Douglas in front of the Kidney March Medical building.

We are thrilled to welcome Mayfair Diagnostics as a new Kidney March Lead Sponsor. They’ve stepped up to support our 2023 Medical Building and they’re a perfect fit.

Our Medical Crew and Building are essential to the well-being of everyone on the March. Having it supported will allow us to enhance our medical care during the March while enabling more of your valuable fundraising to go towards the cause.

There’s a good chance that many people in our kidney community have at some point in their health journey needed the services of a Mayfair Diagnostics clinic. Owned and operated by over 50 radiologists and employing more than 400 employees, Mayfair Diagnostics has been leading the way in delivering specialized and diverse medical imaging services since 1911. They have 14 locations in the Calgary area and serve more than 700,000 patients in both urban and rural and remote locations.

Kidney March and Mayfair share a common goal, to improve the lives and health outcomes of people in our community through the work we do.

“At Mayfair Diagnostics, we have employees who have been affected by kidney disease and we are often part of our patients’ health care journey with this disease. We know how important causes like the 2023 Kidney March are for increasing public awareness of organ donation and helping to alleviate the burden of kidney disease. We appreciate the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization to support our patients and our employees.” June Diment, Vice President, Marketing and Physician Relations.

Mayfair Diagnostics was introduced to Kidney March by Courtney Kovacs, Mayfair employee and three-time Kidney Marcher. We are forever appreciative of the connections made possible by our extraordinary participants.

We’re excited for Mayfair to join the Kidney March family on our incredible adventure this year and look forward to getting to know more of their employees who will be taking part and volunteering alongside us.

On April 16th at Kidney March EXPO be sure to stop by the Mayfair Diagnostics table to say hello to Kelsey Richardson and Becca Holmes, representatives from Mayfair, and thank them for their generous sponsorship!

Learn more about Mayfair at: Mayfair Diagnostics

Photo provided by Mayfair, of Courtney Kovacs (left) and Kelsey Richardson (right). Holding up a poster for Kidney March.

Photo provided by Mayfair Diagnostics, of Courtney Kovacs (left) and Kelsey Richardson (right)