The Story Behind the Memorial Hill Banner

At Kidney March, you will cross paths with some of the most incredible people on the planet whose generosity extends far beyond fundraising for our cause. Meet Jimmy Lock and Pierre Lebrun, Creators of the Memorial Hill Banner.

Brought together through a mutual friend, Jimmy and Pierre’s compassion for our Kidney March community is inspirational. 2019 was Jimmy’s first year marching, and he has been a monumental part of our community ever since. Pierre got a glimpse of Kidney March in 2019 as a spectator and volunteer and is now a three-time participant too.

“I came to support my friend at a cheering station and I was amazed. So many participants. I could not believe the commitment of the walkers. I have no personal connection to kidney disease. Just a big heart, wanting to do good for others.”- Pierre Lebrun

When a Kidney March family suffered a tragic loss, Jimmy and Pierre came together with big hearts to show their support by creating a new tradition to honour those we have lost, the Memorial Hill banner. They collected the names of passed loved ones from fellow Marchers and Crew and wrote them on the banner with the intention of displaying it at the top of the route’s steepest climb on day two in 2020.

The banner will finally be displayed on the route for the first time this year. It will be an emotional experience as it waits at the top of the big hill, “Memorial Hill” to commemorate our loved ones.

Pierre and Jimmy want to extend the opportunity for everyone to honour those they’ve lost on the banner. To add a loved one’s name to the banner please contact Pierre directly at,