Three cheers for Kate, her incredible story and her contagious inspiration


In January of 2011 at just 25 years old, Kidney March 2012 Alumni, Kate was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy.  The diagnosis arrived after fourteen long months of experiencing severe headaches and sensitivity to light.  Kate experienced many ups and downs when she was diagnosed, including her blood pressure being extremely high, which in turn, contributed to her kidney damage.

But, after speaking with her doctors about prolonging her kidney function through diet, medication and lifestyle changes, a year and a half later, Kate has stabilized her at kidney function of 25%. So now, she says, she can live life to the brim. Kate works full time, she volunteers and makes time to travel. Recently, she’s participated in the Vancouver Kidney Walk, she is currently training for an upcoming Dragon Boat Tournament and is crazy enough to have signed on for Kidney March 2013. Once again, Kate will be joined by her mom, Sue as they trek 100 kilometres over the course of 3 days in the Kananaskis to bring awareness to Kidney Disease and promote the importance of Organ Donation. Go Kate Go!