Want to make your mark against Kidney Disease, but can’t March? Easy. Sign up as a Crew member!

Kidney March is about doing the most you can do to support kidney disease research and patient programs. As part of the Kidney March family, Crewing is an essential, rewarding experience that will have you coming back for more.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should sign up to Crew today:

1) Much like our kidneys, Crew members are the vital, behind the scenes support for our Marchers. They provide all types of services ranging from pit stop set up to traffic support to everything in between. Regardless of your skills or interests, there is a place for you in the KM Crew family!

2) Want to support a friend or family member who’s Marching? Start a team! Crew members have to opportunity to join teams with other Marchers and Crew. Being part of a team gives you a chance to meet inspiring new people, develop amazing support networks and build relationships that last a lifetime; it all starts with Crewing.

3) Worried about fundraising or not sure how to get involved? No problem! Crew members are not obligated to fundraise which gives new fundraisers the perfect opportunity to get their feet wet with fundraising. In the past, many of our Crew members were so surprised at the amount they were able to fundraise that they have switched to Marching midway through their campaigns.

In short, Kidney March cannot happen without Crew members and we could not do this with out you. Join us? We hope so….