What should I pack for Kidney March?

You’ve got packing questions? Fourteen-time Marcher Heather Dean & Kidney March have answers!

Watch the below video to see how Heather packs for her Kidney March weekend and find your packing list in the Marcher & Crew Manuals found on https://kidneymarch.ca/manuals/. If you follow the packing list you should be set, just remember less is more, bring the essentials and multi-functional items that you can layer.  We recommend looking at the weather forecast closer to Kidney March to make sure you’re prepared for any weather! ☀️💧❄️


Some FAQ:

  • Does Camp move with the route? No– we have buses that transport you to each day’s starting point and back to Camp.
  • Can you charge your phone? Yes – there are phone charging stations at Camp. Please bring your own charger and some like . 
  • Do you need a sleeping mat and bag? Yes– the only thing provided is your tent, which will be set up for you when you arrive (alternatively, a teepee or bunkhouse). Bring your pillow and sleeping materials.
  • Should you bring food? No – outside food or drinks are not allowed. All your meals and snacks are provided. Do bring your medications and an empty water bottle or hydration pack.
  • Do I have to carry my Luggage all day? No – Your luggage will be picked up from you in the morning and transported to camp on day one and back to Calgary on day three. You only need to carry what you will need during the day Marching. You do not need to worry about your bags while marching. Learn more about this in your manual by reading the “THE EVENT” section, more details to follow at Day Zero.

More Packing Tips:

  • Pack two bags: one with your sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow (only tents are provided), the other with your clothing and toiletries (including a towel or two).
  • You will get two luggage tags on Day Zero, take a picture of these tags and your bags.
  • Pack layers and breathable fabrics(Plan for any kind of weather).  The weather will change throughout the day. Crew will take your extra layers and have them waiting for you back at Camp.
  • Pack lots of socks and bring extra socks with you while marching. You may want to change socks during your March to ensure your feet stay dry.
  • Friday is Onesie Night– theme with your team, get creative and be cozy!
  • Extra items for Crew – pack some fun, bring costumes, noise makers and more. 
  • Decorate your tent? Sure! Some participants like to bring signs or lawn decorations for outside their tent. 

Still have questions? Contact us at https://kidneymarch.ca/contact-us/
Kidney March Team