What to Expect for Kidney March 2020

We are proud and excited to present our new Kidney March 2020!
Kidney patients need us more now than ever, and we know you will rise to the occasion. Thanks to our amazing, dedicated and passionate community, Kidney March 2020 will be another extraordinary year!  Failure is Not an Option.

How will Kidney March 2020 Look?
This year’s march allows you to participate no matter where you are! Participants will walk from their communities, across Canada and beyond, united by the common purpose to fulfill our Kidney March commitment.  We will make the boldest statement ever in the battle against kidney disease and for organ donation.

Completing the 100 KM:
Part 1 • Marchers will have from August 10th – September 10th to walk and complete 70 KM. By creating a plan, this goal can easily be achieved! For example, you can reach this by walking 2.3 KM per day for 30 days.
Part 2 • On Kidney March weekend, September 11th – 13th Marchers will walk and complete 10 KM per day, for a total of 30 KM.
Marchers will then have reached their 100 KM goal by the final day of Kidney March!

Crew will still be supporting our Marchers in this new format.

Our virtual format will include a mileage tracking app, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and evening activities; like our famous Kidney-O-Kee!
We will provide instructions for the app and an itinerary with all of our weekend activities and online opportunities to connect with each other.

To learn more about what to expect for Kidney March 2020, view our FAQ resource.

Here is a message to you from Laura Fleming, Manager, Kidney March and Signature Events and Heather Dean, Frontline Registered Nurse and 11-time Kidney Marcher.

Have questions?
As always, contact us any time.

Laura Fleming
Manager, Kidney March & Signature Events
403.255.6108 ext. 34