Why Marching Should be a Team Sport



May 23, 2012


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


The ranks of Kidney March are a varied sort. We have the rugged individualists, marching for the cause, eschewing human contact as they strive for their personal bests. We have social butterflies, making new acquaintances with every step and stretch. We have those who stroll, curiously taking in every leaf, bird, and cow on the road.

But, however powerful our marchers are alone, teams are where it’s at. Here are a few reasons why you should turn Kidney Marching into a team sport:

You’ll be reminded of the “why.” Why the heck would I walk 100 kilometres in 3 days? Why did I sign up for this? When your brain starts heading down that treacherous path, your teammates will be there to get your mind back in the fight, back on those you love (like the “Nephrodisiacs“, or “In Memory of Nash“), back to those who make this commitment every year (like the Kidney Sisters), and back on track.




You will get training motivation. Misery loves company. Not that training is miserable, but that little (but loud) voice in your head telling you to relax on the couch just a little longer makes it appear just so. You and your teammates will hold each other accountable and turn that voice into a whisper.


Fundraising becomes easy. Team fundraising does not mean you and your teammates start competing over the same donors. Together, you’ll be brainstorming strategies and tactics, expanding your network, and leveraging each other’s talents. Suzy the Marcher might be not be as organized as you, but she works the crowd like no other. And, nothing supports a big audacious goal (looking at you, Kate’s Kidney Crew) like an awesome team behind you.



You’ll bond. Hey, this is a life changing experience. You’ll talk about this for years to come. Who had the worst jokes on the road, who fell on the tent, who almost got ran over by a cow…and whose heart grew 3 sizes when they crossed the finish line.


Catharsis abounds. Best word to describe training with your team pre March? Cathartic. The combination of you+your team+beautiful scenery is a great way to insert some zen-like vibes into your day.




You’ll have someone to celebrate with. Yes, your friends and family will (we hope) support you, but no one will understand the challenges you face quite like a teammate who’s working hard with you every day. Those aches and blisters that appear after a tough day of training fade away when relishing a victory drink with your crew.


“OK, this team thing sounds great and all, but what if I don’t have a team yet?”


No problem, we’re here to help. There are lots of ways to recruit other marchers- asking over email, posting on Twitter or Facebook, inviting your friend to training walks (see schedule here), hanging up a recruitment poster around the office. AND, it’s perfectly OK for crew members to join teams with Marchers, so don’t be shy. Our outreach support team would love to help. Contact us here, and we’ll get on it together.


Oh, and just to give you a little push (we’re on the same team, after all!), everyone who is registered as a team captain by June 1st will get our “What You Do Not Need, Donate” carry all bag, a perfect companion to all the training and fundraising you’ll be doing as you join our fight against Kidney Disease.


So start your team today!