Your action is needed NOW on Organ Donation Bill

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We need your help in raising your voices to support the passing of an amendment of a legislative bill that will lead to an increase in the number of organ donations in Alberta.  Alberta currently has the lowest organ donation rate in Canada, and Canada sits in the 10th place worldwide.

Bill 207, the Human Tissue and Organ Donation Amendment Act, proposes changes to the way organ donation is done in Alberta in an effort to drastically increase the number of organs available for transplantation.  The reasons our rates are so low are complex and multi-faceted, but we know some things for sure.  We know that the problems lie in the donation and hospital systems.

Countries that have overhauled the way they do organ donation at the medical systems level report great increases in their organ donation rates.

That is why we are in support of Bill 207.  It proposes the development of a provincially coordinated Organ and Tissue Donation Agency that is well funded and accountable.  We fully endorse Bill 207 and ask you to help us in two ways:

1. Attend a rally on Wednesday, October 16th.  Along with other organizations, we will raise public awareness of the reality of life with end-stage organ disease and the urgent need for organ and tissue transplantation.  “Bridging the Gap” takes place at noon on the 16th –
In Calgary: 10th St. Louise Bridge between 4 Ave S and Memorial Drive (gather at SE end of bridge)
In Edmonton:  Groat Bridge (park & gather at Emily Murphy Park)

2. Write to your politicians.  Premier Redford, Health Minister Horne, and your MLA need to hear that you support Bill 207.  Legislators really listen to the voices of their constituents so please forward this to friends and colleagues and ask them to also share their voice.

Thank you for helping to spread the word and advocating for this very important piece of legislation.  Below you will find suggested text for your email or letter.  Please feel free to edit as you wish.  We suggest you send this email to the Minister of Health and the Premier with a “cc” to MLA Len Weber (architect of Bill 207) and your MLA.

Minister Fred Horne –
Premier Alison Redford –
Hon. Len Webber –
Find your MLA:

Thank you for taking action.  You can make all the difference!

Joyce Van Deurzen
Executive Director
Southern Alberta Branch
The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Sample Email to send to your MLA

Sample email:
(copy and paste the message below)

Dear Premier Redford and Minister Horne,

The time to act is NOW.  Albertans need a Provincially coordinated Organ and Tissue Donation Agency that is well funded and accountable.

Bill 207 brings hope to thousands of families and friends touched by the need for organ and tissue donation.  I urge the Government of Alberta to pass Bill 207 and put their full weight behind implementing an Organ and Tissue Donation Agency that will:

• Create a well-funded, accountable provincial agency to manage all aspects of the donation process across the province
• Establish ongoing provincial public awareness campaigns
• Establish an electronic Consent to Donate registry

In just this past year, 72 Albertans needlessly died waiting for their gift of life.  On average, 1 Albertan dies about every 5 days waiting for an organ to become available. Of the top 12 countries ranked for organ donation, Canada sits at 10th.  While once the leader in organ donation in Canada, ALBERTA NOW HAS THE LOWEST RATE OF ORGAN DONATION IN CANADA.  We can do better.

Organ donation not only saves lives, it returns critically ill individuals to active and productive members of our communities.

We Need Action!  Please put your full weight of support behind passing and implementing Bill 207.

(Please sign your name)