Thanks to all of you (yes, you!) for making the Expo a HUGE success!!

We’re just days post Expo and still basking in all it’s glory. We saw a fantastic turnout (including many new faces), heard inspirational stories and enjoyed gorgeous weather to commemorate the first official training walk of the 2012 Kidney March season. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, wait. Turns out it does.

Very Proud Sponsor and Partner since the Kidney March inception in 2010, the Calgary YMCA is the go to for all your training needs and they have just sweetened the Kidney March Marcher experience even more with FREE 3 month YMCA training passes for all registered 2012 Kidney Marcher’s (valid in Calgary only). How perfect for those not so springlike days!

If you haven’t received your pass yet, give the KM Support & Outreach Team a shout – or 1.866.9KMARCH and we’ll get those in your hands.

Joining us for the Kidney March Expo on Sunday April 22nd? We hope so.

This Sunday, April 22nd marks the third Annual Kidney March Expo — the place to mix and mingle with other Kidney March minded folks all the while, getting great info and tips on training, fundraising, footwear with a healthy dose of inspiration. Top Five Reasons for checking it out??

1. You’ll meet some Kidney Marchers – newbies & alumni as well as the Kidney March Team.

2. You’ll have the chance to ask all of your KM questions.

3. You’ll be able to attend an FYI (For Your Inspiration) Session, which runs from 11a till noon, btw.

4. You’ll be able to enjoy some refreshments and also (possibly) win one of the sweet door prizes.

5. You’ll be able to go on the very first 5k training walk for the 2012 KM season.

We want a future without kidney disease and the only way we know how to make that happen is to continue to grow the Kidney March Movement. So, we do hope you’ll join us. And feel welcome to bring a friend (or two). RSVP to

Looks like it’s about the time for hittin’ the KM training trail…..

Dare we say Spring has Sprung? Mostly. Well then, no better time to try out our gear on for size and explore the great outdoors. Wondering what sort of regime to jump into? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a nice and easy program to start the KM training season off with…

Recommended Training by Distance – 
One or Two walks per Weeks of the Following Distances

Month 1: 5 to 8 Kilometers
Month 2: 10 to 12 Kilometers
Month 3: 16 to 20 Kilometers
Month 4: 20 to 28 Kilometers
Month 5: 30 Kilometers

Some things to remember:

Don’t be intimidated by these distances. First of all, you walk a lot already. In fact, the average human being is thought to walk about 100,000 miles (160,900+ kilometres) in their lifetime, or the equivalent of about four times around the world. And we’ve been walking for three million years. Beyond that, these are suggestions for optimal conditioning. If you can’t do these kinds of distances with this regularity, don’t worry. What’s important is that you do as much training as you can.

Stay tuned — organized training walks with our friends at the Y in Calgary will be beginning in no time. Get to know some fellow KMarcher’s while clocking some serious training km’s for your weekend of a lifetime. And be sure to reward your efficiency with something awesome (ice cream, maybe??). Happy Training Y’all!

Ready to Get into 100K Shape?

come and cheer

We’re thrilled to announce that YMCA Calgary has jumped on board to support our Kidney Marchers again this year. The Y has put together some great training advice and plans for you. When you register you’ll receive your new Kidney March t-shirt and your Marcher Handbook, which includes a training plan. Our 2010 and 2011 Marchers verify it works!

Click here to read more.